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Saving money while saving the Planet: concrete solutions for consumers

Saving money while saving the Planet: concrete solutions for consumers
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Written by Marina Massone 4 min read

In the eyes of many people, living a more sustainable life is either a luxury that very few can afford, or means going back to the Stone Age. The reality is that today, neither of those is true. Many innovative solutions now allow you to save money while reducing your environmental impact, all of which without sacrificing your modern comfort.

The Solar Impulse efficient solutions Label has been focusing on finding solutions which combine an environmental impact and an economic incentive. This is the cornerstone of our mission, because we are convinced that environmental protection will only become a reality if it does not require sacrifices. We want to show that these solutions could put us on track to decarbonization and boost our economy.

While many of the labelled solutions focus are meant to be used by companies, or implemented at scale by public authorities, this time we have decided to focus on solutions that are available to everyone. In the list below, you will find products, apps, services from our portfolio that allow you to live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle without hurting their bank accounts.

While some of these solutions could have a positive impact if used massively, it is also important to note that to transition to a low-carbon economy, public and private stakeholders need to implement systemic changes. The most important of these changes is the way we produce energy and divert from fossil fuels. In addition to systemic transformations, we will need to go through some behavioural shifts at the individual level. Maintaining our modern comfort, and helping more people achieve it, will require some changes in the food we eat, the clothes we buy, the transports we use.

So keeping these two important aspects in mind, here’s our list of labelled solutions “to save money while saving the Planet”:

Water consumption

Kelda Technology: shower system that can halve the water usage of one of the most water intensive appliances. Reduces water consumption by 50% in showers and helps domestic users save €500 per year.

TAPP2: easy, affordable solution for clean and tasty tap water with the goal of eliminating the need for bottled water. The CO2 footprint of TAPP 2 is about 2% of the CO2 footprint of one years supply of bottled water. Water consumption is reduced by 50% compared to bottling of water and customers save an average of $200-$220 per year compared to bottled water or pay the equivalent of 20-25% compared to bottled water.

Bello Home: water machine which provides pure, healthy and personalized water while offering a real alternative to plastic bottles. For an average household, Bello home can induce savings of $350 per year.

Water Saving Aerators: An easy to install nozzle that reduces the water flow of taps from 12-15 liters of water dispensed per minute to 500 ml per minute. The return on investment is approximately 2 months.


Ariel Cold wash: allows to wash clothes in cold water with excellent performance results while reducing your carbon footprint, saving you money and preventing the discoloration of your clothes.

Fairy: detergent which allows to wash dishes at a lower temperature. Saving between 58 and 130 dollars per year in water and energy costs.


Sanura Flatmates: most cost-effective shower heat exchanger for existing showers/bathrooms. In a 4 persons households, energy savings can reach 150 Euro per year.

QH-1: this solution heats buildings by reusing waste-heat from microprocessors performing high performance computations remotely.


DualSun: revolutionary 2-in-1 solar panel that generates simultaneously electricity and hot water for homes and buildings. Over 18,400 dollars in savings over the lifetime of the installation

Boxx: connected screen providing real-time energy and water insights, personal and actionable advice & alerts, in addition to being a smart thermostat. Savings up to 180 € per year per household.


Too Good to Go: fights food waste by connecting businesses with unsold, surplus food to customers able to buy (for less) via an app, and advocacy work across the food system.

Smart Greenhouse : A smart greenhouse for local, safe and sustainable self-food production. 80% in water savings compared to standard agriculture or gardening and when payback period is reached, the greenhouse continues to produce an equivalent of more than 2,000 EUR revenues of food per year.

Responsible consumption

Usitoo: thanks to a monthly or prepaid fee, you have unlimited access to a huge library of low-usage objects, delivered near you. 700 kg of non renewable resources are avoided per year per member and members can cover their yearly needs while saving up to 2 000 USD.

This article was written by Marina Massone and Tristan Lebleu

Written by Marina Massone on November 19, 2020

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