Gallery Usitoo 1
Gallery Usitoo 1
March 2019
By Usitoo
Headquarters 1070, Belgium

Usitoo - A rental system for everyday objects

Thanks to a monthly or prepaid fee, Usitoo provides an unlimited access to a huge library of low-usage objects.

Book, pick, use, bring or send back! Usitoo intends to ease sharing of most objects used less than 10 times a year. Typical categories include sport equipment, cooking, gardening, partying sets, DIY tools, car equipment and leisure equipment. Key operating principles: Usitoo works primarily by having a wide library of objects that it manages in its own warehouses. As users become members of Usitoo, they benefit from a unique account in the platform and a wallet of Usi-points that they accumulate via their monthly member fees or prepaid cards. These points are then spent to rent objects. Users can determine when and where the pickup/dropoff of the object will take place. Usitoo offers a unique software platform with an easy interface for its users to manage their wallets and book their objects, while also preparing all the the information needed by Usitoo to perform its service.

Key features

  • 700 kg of non renewable resources avoided per Usitoo member on average.
  • 4000 kg of CO2e (CO2 equivalent) avoided per Usitoo member on average.


  • Members can cover their yearly needs while saving up to 2 000 USD per year.

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