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Who are the Experts evaluating the solutions?

The Solar Impulse Experts community is a pool of voluntary assessors with 5 years of academic or business experience in one of the 5 SDGs of interest and 3 years in related subsectors. They come from various backgrounds, companies and world regions, having in common passion for sustainable solutions and the will to contribute to the achievement of the 1,000 Solutions Challenge!

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Who are the Experts assessing #1000solutions?

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Challenge Events

The Experts Challenge Events

With the help of partners, the Solar Impulse Foundation organised several Experts Challenge Events each year. The goal of those gatherings are clear: assess as many solutions as possible, and build a strong community feeling among the Experts, who are at the core of the Foundation’s objective of labelling 1000 clean, efficient and profitable solutions to fight climate change.

  • Here’s a short video of the Experts Challenge Event that happened on April 4th of 2019 in Paris with the help of BNP Paribas, a long-time partner of the Foundation.

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How to become an expert?

Create your account and complete your profile, indicating your areas of expertise. Once validated, we can begin assigning solutions to you for assessment. You will only be assigned solutions if you have the necessary expertise.

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