Gallery Intercome 1
Gallery Intercome 1
October 2019
Headquarters 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain

Intercome - Exploit the potential of microalgae as a CO2 consuming & inexhaustible raw material to develop innovative & efficient solutions for different sectors.

INTERCOME microalgae is a productive agricultural biostimulants which increase agricultural yields by double digit.

The microalgae based agricultural biostimulants are high-value crop inputs in liquid form that, when applied to crops in minute quantities, enhance the nutrients’ uptake by the plants and optimize all of their phenological development phases (from rooting to sprouting, flowering, fruit setting, fattening and ripening). The biostimulants are derived from an optimized selection of different microalgae species which are grown with specific technologies, process in which AlgaEnergy eliminates CO2 from other industries that would have been otherwise emitted to the atmosphere. In fact, for each 5 L of AgriAlgae a farmer uses, she/he is not only increasing its yields, the resistance of its crops to abiotic stresses and the quality of its fruits and vegetables, but she/he is also responsible for the elimination of up to 2 kg of CO2.The products based on MicroalgaE: are inexhaustible and very productive (allow even a daily harvest) ; do not compete with other raw materials (don't need fertile lands) ; grow in all kinds of waters ; and are efficient CO2 biofixating systems (capture 2 kg of CO2 per kg of microalgae biomass). Microalgae also reduce the need for chemical treatments and pesticides and restore soils as the market and context demand. In one single cell, they contain compounds such as proteins (up to 70%), lipids (original source of Omega-3 PUFAs), pigments, vitamins or carbohydrates, among others. INTERCOME has a wide range of sectors of economic activity, providing growth business opportunity, while simultaneously implying a substantial environmental and social benefit.

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Key features

  • CO2 is captured at a rate of 2kg/kg of biomass produced
  • No impact on any ecosystem


  • A ROI of 75% annually

Company Profile

Maturity Stage

  • Medium and large scale commercialization
  • Small scale commercialization
  • Initial market commercialization
  • Prototype testing in the real world
  • Prototype testing 1:1 in the lab

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