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Breitling: Authentic, everyday luxury for men and women of purpose, action, and style

Breitling is one of the world’s most admired watch brands. In an industry typically bound to tradition and convention, it offers a casual, inclusive and sustainable alternative. Each Breitling watch – whether sporty or elegant – is characterized by technical excellence and brilliant design. Breitling has a global reputation for high-precision watches and a pioneering role in the development of wrist chronographs. Its uncompromising commitment to design excellence, its inclusive luxury, and its modern-retro aesthetics set it apart from all other brands. Partnerships with the Solar Impulse Foundation, Ocean Conservancy, and Outerknown underscore its dedication to sustainability.

A shared vision

Breitling and the Solar Impulse Foundation: a partnership with a heritage

Breitling has a proud history with Bertrand Piccard. He circumnavigated the globe in March of 1999 with a Breitling Emergency on his wrist and is a member of the Breitling Explorer Squad. Bertrand Piccard wears a number of different hats . . . or helmets. His adventures – often in partnership with Breitling – have been well documented and he’s a member of Breitling’s Explorer Squad. A shared passion for sustainability is the basis for another perfect partnership, this time between Breitling and Bertrand’s Solar Impulse Foundation.

This partnership is based on a longstanding friendship, our common values, and the commitment to sustainability that we share with the Foundation.

Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling

Breitling was my partner when I achieved the first round the world ballon flight in 1999. Today I am so happy to partner again with this brand so close to my heart.

Bertrand Piccard, Chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation

Their commitment

Breitling and sustainability: a core value

Breitling knows that it can’t save the world alone but is committed to do all it can in its sphere of influence to inspire others and show how everyone can contribute.
Breitling engages partners and customers by creating and promoting sustainable luxury. Key initiatives include the Outerknown Econyl® yarn straps made of upcycled fishing nets and the Efficient Solution Label-awarded sustainable watch box. Breitling has introduced a blockchain-based paperless warranty solution for all its watches; the latest edition of its Chronolog is printed with vegetable-based inks on recycled paper. There are also meaningful partnerships with organizations like the Outerknown and Ocean Conservancy.