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Babylon Farm

Babylon farm is using controlled environments to grow local food year-round with no pesticide or agrochemical.

Website: babylon-farm.com

BEM Controls, LLC

BEM Controls provides an Open-Architecture Platform for monitoring and control of IoT devices, as well as technical expertise and engineering support to develop customized solutions for smart buildings and smart cities.

Website: bemcontrols.com

Bennett Botanical Propeller Company

Developed the UTARA (Universal Thrust Auto Rotation Augmenter)

Website: bennettbotanicalpropeller.com

Berkeley Labs

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) is a Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science lab managed by University of California.

Website: http://www.lbl.gov


BioCellection is developing advanced technologies to transform unrecyclable plastics into virgin-quality chemicals for sustainable supply chains. We focus on the 92% of plastic waste too contaminated and difficult to recycle. Our mission is to make our technology available worldwide; provide a circular economy that can reconcile ecology and economy, turn plastic waste into resources and make a social and environmental impact.

Website: biocellection.com

BioCleaner, Inc.

BioCleaner, Inc. is poised to bring its environmentally friendly water treatment solution to the world.

Website: biocleaner.com

Biomass Controls

Biomass Controls' mission focuses on developing solutions in response to water and sanitation challenges around the world.

Website: biomasscontrols.com


Bioroot Energy converts municipal wastes, biomass, methane, and CO2, to clean, strong higher mixed alcohol fuel.

Website: biorootenergy.com


We are an insect biorefinery company creating a nutrient-dense, more sustainable alternative to palm oil.

Website: bitebackinsect.com

Blue Planet Energy

Blue Ion energy storage systems are engineered to provide the most reliable, safe and cost-effective clean energy solutions for grid-independence.

Website: blueplanetenergy.com

Bluenergy Solarwind Inc

The world's first Solarwind (R) Turbine

Website: bluenergyusa.com

BOGE Compressors

Compressed air systems

Website: boge.com

BURN Manufacturing Co.

BURN designs, manufactures and distributes aspirational fuel-efficient cooking products that save lives and forests.

Website: https://burnstoves.com

BykSmart Inc.

BykSmart accelerates the growing popularity of cycling by providing lower stress bike routes and rewards for riding.

Website: byksmart.com


C2CNT is a Carbon XPRIZE technology (Carbonxprize.org) providing a comprehensive technical solution to climate change by inexpensive conversion of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. The C2CNT technology directly (without the need for concentration) all forms of carbon dioxide (directly from the air, industrial smokestacks, transportation or domestic sources) into stronger than steel, electrically and thermally conductive, lightweight carbon nanotubes useful as a generic, but lighter, metal's replacement, in cement and ceramic composites, in batteries, catalysts and nano electronics.

Website: c2cnt.com

CalWave Power Technologies Inc.

Ocean Waves to Watts and Water.

Website: calwave.energy


Innovative SaaS solutions to accelerate the deployment of alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technology.

Website: carbonblu.com


Cerahelix picofiltration technology is a breakthrough solution for affordable water sustainability.

Website: cerahelix.com


Our company conducts R&D in the area of scientific instruments, platforms for environmental observations and photonics.

Website: chemled-technologies.com

Clarity Movement Co.

Clarity is an environmental startup helping cities tackle the global air pollution crisis with smarter data.

Website: clarity.io