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EarthSpark International

EarthSpark International's mission: eradicate energy poverty.

EarthSpark International seeks to empower communities by eradicating the causes and effects of energy poverty. This is achieved by developing local businesses and country-scale value chains for clean and efficient energy technologies; providing technical education and training to farmers, students and small and micro-enterprise owners; and mitigating local environmental damage caused by energy poverty.


EarthSpark's Participant Power

EarthSpark's Participant Power is moving microgrid development towards market.

Worldwide 1 billion people are without energy access, resulting in environmentally destructive and cripplingly expensive cycle of energy poverty. In Haiti, these typically low income communities are also without basic infrastructure, leaving millions vulnerable to extreme climate events. EarthSpark has a respected track record of incubating energy access solutions and spinning them off into clean energy enterprises: Smart metering company, SparkMeter Inc., is currently operating in over 140 migrogrids in 22 countries, and Haitian social enterprise Enèji Pwòp is a microgrid operator and clean energy retailer, selling over 18000 products to date. We continue to build upon that track record. Where there is no incumbent infrastructure, we have found opportunity to solve energy poverty in Haiti by leapfrogging traditional energy services and instead develop affordable and resilient, clean energy infrastructure. In 2015, EarthSpark launched its first smart grid in Haiti's rural south, and by the close of 2018 we will have launched another 3 grids across the region. However, microgrid innovation alone is not enough to electrify those without. By blending technical and business model innovation with thoughtful policy advocacy, across an additional 20 grids over 3 years we can "de-risk" an uncertain process and in turn, significantly "move microgrids towards market". EarthSpark’s Participant Power is committed to increasingly cost-effective infrastructure that transitions communities from charcoal to clean energy, building resilience to extreme climate events, and mitigating emissions while electrifying and increasing sustainable economic activity. Incubating and spinning-off Participant Power will be a continuation of EarthSpark's track record towards an investible future of clean energy access for all.

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