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Is CLEAN AIR (EIC backed SME) launched APA - Air Pollution Abatement, a filterless, water-based innovative technology.

Tipo Startup or self-employed
Fundado 2015
Tamaño de la empresa 21
Tipo de miembro
Fundadores Giuseppe Spanto
Sede 00161 Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
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It is different from all other products because uses simple water and mechanical processes for ambient air cleaning at ground level, a truly and effective air purification action in the spaces and places where we all breathe. APA is a single technology able to abate simultaneously both Particles and Chemical pollutants, holding unique technological know-how and more than 30 inventions and patents already granted in Europe and Internationally. Air Pollution Abatement technology provides a huge range of solutions to clean the air everywhere as the many existing indoor and outdoor pilots and installations demonstrate. APA is certified for its efficiency and as a medical device because is able to abate ultra-fine nanoparticles, several times smaller than Viruses and Bacteria, which makes APA effective in reducing the presence and spread of the Sars Cov 2 virus, source of the Covid 19 infection. The recent technology advancements have highlighted the potential to use APA water also for Covid 19 detection, in indoor spaces. This is possible only with APA in the cheapest and safest manner, because the water safely and securely contained within the system, kills viruses and bacteria and using standard Covid 19 RNA tests we can inform authorities and businesses even 1 week in advance of people showing symptoms. This is in itself a ground-breaking capability, unique of APA. Is CLEAN AIR has experience in different Innovation Initiatives with several important customers and projects, both outdoor and indoor. In particular, using the «Nearly Zero Air Pollution Building» approach together with the disinfecting and virus detection capabilities of APA, is also possible to enable a harmful substance-free environment for spaces with a high density of people, such as business offices, schools, Universities and care institutions, to fight against this terrible pandemic. APA is recognized as a Best Available Technology, very different from the competitors for a lot of clear advantages. It is: more efficient and cost-effective; more sustainable; extremely cheap (for the low running and maintenance costs) and easy to use and to be controlled; widely patented, also strongly certified even as a first-class EC Medical device; scalable and flexible, able to operate everywhere. The company headquarters are located in Rome (Italy), with commercial offices in London (UK) and Hong Kong (China). Is CLEAN AIR's team is agile and dynamic composed of experienced engineers, analysts and environmental experts, with a global vision, an international mindset, and the ability to support stakeholders' needs offering the right solutions for different requirements and budgets.
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Sede 00161 Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

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