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Insights — May 02, 2019

Coal once brought Europe together. Now, it’s the turn of clean energy.

Written by Bertrand Piccard - 4min read

The European project was built upon the premise of safeguarding peace by creating the European Coal and Steel Community. Coming as it did in the aftermath of WWII, Robert Schuman’s plan was truly visionary. As he himself declared, “World peace cannot be safeguarded without the making of creative efforts...

Insights — April 26, 2019

To solve climate change and biodiversity loss, we need a Global...

Written by Greg Asner - 4min read

Earth’s cornucopia of life has evolved over 550 million years. Along the way, five mass extinction events have caused serious setbacks to life on our planet. The fifth, which was caused by a gargantuan meteorite impact along Mexico’s Yucatan coast, changed Earth’s climate, took out the dinosaurs and altered...

Insights — April 17, 2019

3 reasons we should all care about biodiversity

Written by Johnny Wood - 3min read

This article is published in collaboration with World Economic ForumThe total number of animals has halved since the 1970s in what some scientists have termed the start of Earth’s sixth mass extinction. Seismic eruptions, ice ages, continental collision and asteroid impact are thought to be some of the...

Insights — August 06, 2018

China, rise of a cleantech giant

Written by Tristan Lebleu

When it comes to environmental protection, China triggers mixed reactions. As the world’s largest polluter, China emits more than a quarter of the world’s global carbon emissions, which is more than  the US and Europe combined. This is essentially due to their considerable use of dirty fossil fuels,...

Insights — June 22, 2018

Clean energy transition: a massive employment opportunity

Written by Tristan Lebleu

“Each time I speak of protecting the environment to heads of state or government officials, they tell me that it is too expensive. I want to prove them wrong!” said Bertrand Piccard at the launch of the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label in Copenhagen in May.Indeed, protection of the environment has...

Insights — June 13, 2018

Electric, autonomous, and shared: what’s the future of clean mobility?

Written by Tristan Lebleu

In the last century, fast growing urban populations and massive development of mobility have come at a cost. Packed public transport, never-ending traffic jams, polluted cities… Not only these issues have a tremendous negative environmental effect, but they also have a big impact on our economies. Imagine...

Insights — May 25, 2018

African solutions tackling the continent’s environmental challenges

Written by Tristan Lebleu

A fast growing entrepreneurial ecosystem is tackling the continent’s numerous challenges by leveraging tech and digital. According to a study by Partech Venture - which announced the launch of a 120M$ fund dedicated to African startups in January - 124 startups raised 560M$ in 2017, an astonishing 53% YoY...