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Technical Article — October 04, 2019

Is Machine Learning taking Control in process industry?

Written by Expert: Cosmin Koch-Ciobotaru - 7min read

The phrase “data is the new oil” (The Economist, 2017) has been around for some years now, stressing the change that we are facing throughout industries: from retail to media and entertainment, from healthcare and personal assistants to transportation and social platforms, the hyper inter-connected...

Technical Article — September 09, 2019

Smart Data For A Clean And More Sustainable Future

Written by Sabrina Cipullo - 5min read

About 30 years ago, controlling home appliances remotely by phone or internet from any location in the world seemed science fiction, today it is a reality. These innovations not only bring a certain level of comfort to the individual but could potentially have a...

Technical Article — September 02, 2019

Swiss waste-management policy, a peek behind the curtains of one of...

Written by Expert: Benjamin Demma - 5min read

Switzerland is one of the countries with the highest per capita waste production in the world. However, thanks to the waste management policies adopted, it is also one of the countries with the highest recycling rates. Let's look at the main points of the waste management policy adopted by...

Technical Article — July 23, 2019

Renewable energy: from market penetration to seamless grid integration

Written by Expert: Rubina Singh - 5min read

The energy landscape is undergoing an unprecedented transformation globally, propelled by the trends of decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitisation. In order to phase out fossil fuels completely and tackle global warming, an important behavioural...

Technical Article — July 22, 2019

How to close the loop on food waste ? Insights into a successful...

Written by Expert: Bénédicte Deryckere - 4min read

While half of the world still suffers from hunger and our natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce, a shocking 1.3 billion tons of the food produced gets lost or wasted every year; corresponding to 1/3 of the total food production (FAO, 2011).  The...

Technical Article — May 14, 2019

How the world is dealing with its e-waste issue?

Written by Expert: Benjamin Demma - 5min read

Electronic circuits require the use of different raw materials, from copper for printed circuit boards and cables to plastic for component casing and insulators. But what are the social, environmental and economic consequences related to the procurement of these materials? This article aims to...

Technical Article — May 08, 2019

Energy is the heart of a company, water is the blood

Written by Expert: Paul McNicholas - Air Liquide - 6min read

Power may indeed be a dominant factor in both air separation and hydrogen production and cogeneration, but water management is certainly not sidelined.With a water consumption of 79 million cubic metres per year, Air Liquide equals its customers' water usage. About seventy professionals worldwide...