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Guest Post — January 07, 2019

Guest Post: "Five ways the travel industry is becoming more...

Written by Jens Wohltorf

A study spanning 160 countries found that the tourism industry’s carbon emissions have grown leaps and bounds over previous estimates, and now comprise 8% of global emissions. So, what can travel companies do about it? At every step of the traveller’s journey, companies are finding new solutions to make their...

Guest Post — November 12, 2018

Guest Post : "Nature can help us tackle wastewater"

Written by Laetitia Mailhes

Microbiology is nature’s operating system. Through 21st-century technologies such as low-cost DNA sequencing, humans are beginning to understand the secret world of microbes and their potential to help solve our most pressing problem, including mediating humans’ conflicted relationship with our...

Guest Post — September 28, 2018

Guest post: "Energy efficiency for all"

Written by Fanyu Lin

Affordable energy efficient solutions for low income households.At present, rising material costs, land availability, a shortage of skilled workers and general construction industry inefficiencies impede both investment and innovation in affordable energy efficient solutions for the underserved and...

Guest Post — September 27, 2018

Guest post: "It's time to scale up the hydrogen economy"

Written by Pierre-Etienne Franc

This month’s inaugural Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco brought together public and private players, large and small, from all over the world to "take ambition to the next level" in our collective efforts to protect the planet.Ambition and action are not just words. There is simply no other path to...