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Rémy Kalter

News — March 29, 2018

Easter traffic: soon cleaner...but no less annoying

Written by Rémy Kalter

So while we are probably some way from consigning traffic jams to the scrap heap of history, we seem to be moving that way for fossil-fuel powered vehicles and dirty mobility options. So we need alternatives, and that’s why we at the Solar Impulse Foundation have committed to select 1000 clean, efficient and...

1000 Solutions — March 19, 2018

Our challenge to Mexico: solutions to make for a cleaner, more...

Written by Rémy Kalter

His trip will include a conference and panel discussion hosted at the Club de industriales, where he will be joined by - amongst others - members of two startups - Sistema Bio and Kinetech Power Systems  - and the main cleantech multiplier in the city, Green Momentum.Kinetech Power Systems have developed...

News — March 12, 2018

Impact finance for cleantech innovation

Written by Rémy Kalter

Research by the Financial Times found that institutional investment funds that observe environmental and social standards “tend to outperform those that don’t by a significant margin”. Indeed, the report goes on to say that anyone foolish enough to have invested in US coal in June 2014 would have lost 85% within...

News — February 26, 2018

Bringing Solutions to Cities at the 10th Anniversary of the...

Written by Rémy Kalter

Following our collaboration with the Covenant of Mayors in November 2017, we ceased the opportunity to prepare the first World Alliance for Efficient Solutions event. What better place to bring cleantech solutions together with decision-makers than at an event filled with enthusiastic decision-makers who are...

News — February 21, 2018

Efficient solutions for cities

Written by Rémy Kalter

Whenwe hear statistics about cities being responsible for 70% of global GHG emissions, it’s natural and tempting to want to focus our efforts on finding that one big solution that will make a massive difference. That can actually be quite paralysing, and the truth is that cities are so complex that such a...

News — February 12, 2018

Looking to cities of the future

Written by Rémy Kalter

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you live in a city. Most of us do nowadays and we live in them for a whole host of good reasons; community, opportunity, access, things to do.But we do so knowing there a trade-off, whether it be dealing with traffic jams, trying to find somewhere nice (and...

1000 Solutions — February 02, 2018

Bring your solutions to power Europe’s cities

Written by Rémy Kalter

The EU Covenant of Mayors is the world’s biggest urban climate and energy initiative. It currently counts over 7,500 signatories - local and regional authorities encompassing some 230 million people - voluntarily committed to implementing climate and energy objectives on their territories. As the World...

1000 Solutions — January 19, 2018

The World Alliance in India: innovation everywhere

Written by Rémy Kalter

“If you want to renew your faith in the creative spirit of human beings, leave your comfort zone and visit India.”That was the message from Bertrand Piccard following his visit to India as the World Alliance team continues its efforts to identify clean and profitable solutions from around the world. In the...