News - March 6, 2020

25 new solutions labelled in February 2020!

Written by Tristan Lebleu 5 min read

Discover the new solutions labelled in February 2020!

  • WaterKiosk, Boreal Light GbmH: Offers hygiene drinking and irrigation water from a simple solar desalination system at a low price to villagers.
  • Hydrobox, by Hydrobox: Enables to access to reliable, affordable and sustainable renewable energy, through a smart, containerised, small-hydro plant.
  • Wavegem®, by GEPS TECHNO: An autonomous renewable energy solution (waves&sun) for off-grid isolated sites and for all sea users bringing them affordable & clean power.
  • Deepki, by Deepki SAS: A plug & play SaaS application that enables companies to remotely and quickly detect and verify Energy Conservation Measures in buildings.
  • Safecube solution, by Safecube: An end-to-end IOT tracking solution to better manage intercontinental flows in a durable way.
  • Monitoring Industrial GHGs Emissions from Orbit, by GHGSat: Uses high-resolution satellites to detect and quantify greenhouse gas emissions from selected industrial sites, anywhere in the world.
  • Turbo-Brayton for cryogenic applications, by Air Liquide: A reliable and efficient solution, designed to save energy with applications on maritime and bio-methane liquefaction.
  • Pure Air Zone, by U-earth biotechnologies: A plug-and-play system for heavy loads of air pollution capture and natural destruction using bacteria.
  • Greenfish Mobility Services, by Greenfish: A tool to improve companies' mobility plans and reduce their environmental impact.
  • FAIRYCOLOGY, by Procter&Gamble: Fairy is a brand of high performance Dishwashing products.
  • Purecycle Technologies, by Procter&Gamble: A purification process that converts recycled waste polypropylene plastic into high quality, virgin-like plastic.

Written by Tristan Lebleu on March 6, 2020

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