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News — July 18, 2017

Personal development: drop your ballast and change altitude to live...

Written by Bertrand Piccard

Flying in a gas balloon teaches us to do exactly the opposite of everything we have learned to do in our daily life, and offers us new strategies for innovation, creativity and crisis management.In our education and training, we are taught to fear the uncertainties, the changes, the unknown, in other...

News — June 20, 2017

Solutions, solutions, solutions

Written by Bertrand Piccard

Gemasolar Thermosolar Plant in Seville, Spain | © Roberto Saltori via FlickrSince 2011, when we flew the first prototype of Solar Impulse to Brussels for Green Week, much has changed. The international community has created a workable global climate agreement, renewable energy has become cheaper than fossil...

News — June 15, 2017

The Solar Impulse Foundation unveils a new partnership with ENGIE

Written by Solar Impulse

We are happy to welcome ENGIE, the ambitious and innovative French energy company, as the most recent partner of the Solar Impulse Foundation.It’s a natural fit, committed as we both are to a clean energy transition to make for a sustainable future. We wish to demonstrate that doing so will not be expensive...

News — May 31, 2017

Correcting an old injustice: carbon pricing

Written by Bertrand Piccard

Why is it then that companies can still dump as much carbon into the atmosphere as they wish? Why should it be treated differently? For the most part the fossil fuel industry pays nothing for its social impacts; these “externalities” don’t figure in the price. In fact, their cost -  air pollution, increased...