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1000 Solutions — March 07, 2019

K-Ryole, a smart electric trailer for clean and efficient last-mile...

Written by Tristan Lebleu

E-commerce is now part of our everyday lives. We buy pretty much anything in a matter of seconds with a simple click, and we expect purchases to arrive at our doorstep within a few days. But do you know this very convenient habit has major consequences, on both cities and the...

Interviews — May 22, 2019

Hannes Zimmermann, Expert of the month – April 2019!

Written by Sabrina Cipullo - 4min read

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new project!Every month, we are now selecting and recognising an Expert based on their outstanding performance. On behalf of our Expert team, we wish a hearty congratulations to Hannes Zimmerman on receiving the award for the Best Expert of...

Interviews — June 03, 2019

Philip Kyeremanteng, Expert of the month – May 2019!

Written by Sabrina Cipullo - 4min read

This month our award goes to Philip Kyeremanteng, as a recognition of his hard work and dedication. He completed a good number of assessments in the month of May 2019, for which all the criteria completed were flawless, well done! Also he has always given importance to deadlines. Thank you...

Interviews — July 17, 2019

Marcin Malicki, Expert of the month – June 2019!

Written by Sabrina Cipullo - 5min read

This month our award goes to Dr. Marcin Malicki as a recognition of his hard work and dedication, Thank you so much for your great contribution!In this interview, we had the chance to learn more about Marcin and his work at New Energy Transfer, as well as his involvement with...

Technical Article — July 23, 2019

Renewable energy: from market penetration to seamless grid integration

Written by Expert: Rubina Singh - 5min read

The energy landscape is undergoing an unprecedented transformation globally, propelled by the trends of decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitisation. In order to phase out fossil fuels completely and tackle global warming, an important behavioural...