Gallery Glowee 1
Gallery Glowee 1
September 2020
By Glowee
Headquarters 91000 Évry, France

Glowee - Glowee is an environmental biotech company using the super-powers of nature, called bioluminescence, to reduce the environmental impact of lighting.

Light is what powers the world and makes our cities live. Light is identified as civilization’s first marker of development. In our lives, light is everywhere, produced by the Sun or artificially created by human ingenuity. However, today’s lighting technologies contribute to global warming, threatening our planet from natural resources to biodiversity. Ironically, Nature has done 3.8B years of research and development through evolution to find the most efficient lighting solution: bioluminescence.

Fireflies, glow-worms, and more than 80% of marine organisms (jellyfish, plankton, fish, squids, krill) are able to produce this biological light without needing the Sun. Glowee has decided to imitate what nature does best and use these super-powers to develop biological lighting and thus jump-start the bio-economy. For 5 years, Glowee’s pluridisciplinar team (biologist, designer, business and finance) has been working to create a living system producing continuous bioluminescence in order to integrate in urban lighting a better product-usage fit, reduce environmental impact, improve well-being and offer new creative possibilities.

Key features

  • 98,9% less CO2 emission in the production phase
  • 40% less electricity in the use phase
  • 95% less water used over the entire life cycle
  • 100% organic and biodegradable waste
  • Avoids the use of limited resources and the pollution generated by its extraction and distribution


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