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Bound4blue - Wingsail system for fuel efficiency in the shipping industry

Wingsail system for fuel efficiency in the shipping industry

Bringing aviation technology to shipping via a new foldable wingsail designed to reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions of maritime transport in existing and newly built vessels.

The shipping industry transports 90% of the world’s cargo, resulting in enormous air pollution impacts. Designed as an engine assist technology, the rigid wingsail system is completely foldable to the ship's deck to avoid safety issues during harsh weather conditions or during loading/unloading operations. It is fully automated - no extra crew required - and will orient itself to maximize performances for any wind direction. As a result the wingsails thrust capacity is ten times higher than that of traditional sails and other existing novel designs. By generating effective thrust from wind power, Bound4blue’s rigid wingsails allow vessels to operate at their nominal service speed with reduced engine propulsion, thereby lowering fuel consumption and polluting less.

Key features for a positive impact on quality of life

  • Emission reduction between 10% to 30%
  • Flexibility: Foldable, orientable and scalable system
  • Zero impact on cargo capability
  • Low maintenance


  • Payback period under 5 years depending on size of ship
  • Reduced fuel consumption and thus lower costs
  • Job-creation (including highly-qualified engineers) for manufacturing and integration of the solution

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