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49, Sydenhams Rd, Park Town, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600003, India

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Chandrasekaran Jayaraman





Water Purifier and toilet combined e-brochure


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Watsan Envirotech Pvt Ltd

Watsan makes and distributes affordable, electricity free, maintenance free, zero water wastage water purifier targeting the BPL families and rural villages across globe who do not have access to clean drinking water. We make arsenic and fluoride removal add-ons as well. We also provide ready to fit toilets as a turnkey solutions, which were built completely using glass fibre waste, devoid of sand , water and cement to build it.

Founded in 2009 by the benign efforts of Chandrasekaran. J, an expert in Plastics Technology, the proprietary firm “Custom Parts Online” started making many innovative products to address the soaring needs of common people. Under the license from IMMT (CSIR), Bhubhaneshwar in the year 2010 by Custom Parts Online, the poor man's water purifier, popularly known as ‘CPO Natural Terafil®™ Water filter’ was manufactured which was later exclusively run by WATSAN Envirotech Private Limited. Later in 2013, Mr. P. N. Subramanian, an IT Professional with 35 years of experience in HR, Strategy & Planning headed WATSAN as the Co-founder. The name WATSAN was coined by blending the words ‘Water’ and ‘Sanitation’, which are the two main aspects of our establishment. WATSAN’s sole purpose is to provide water and sanitary solutions to the rural population by manufacturing and distributing low-cost, yet effective electricity-free water filters to urban slums and rural families who cannot afford other expensive options.