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Louise Andreasson & Peter Dolving



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VERDE BioPharma - is a Swedish business management and consultant company. We specialize in medical cannabis & sustainability.

RIGHT NOW WE ARE LOOKING FOR PARTNERS FOR A LARGE SCALE EUROPEAN ECO-ARCHITECTURE/AGRICULTURE/SOLAR-FARM/R&D-project. IMAGINE 120000 HECTARS IRRIGATED FARMLAND. IMAGINE THE HOTTEST PLACE IN THE EU. SOUND FUN? CONTACT US. So what is VERDE BioPharma 1. WHAT? Verde BioPharma is a Swedish business management and consulting company. Specializing in the business of legal authorized medical cannabis and sustainability. 2.WHO? Verde BioPharma are a tight core of connectors and superachievers with a global network of consultants with more than 30 years international business experience. 3. WHERE? Verde BioPharma is based in Gothenburg Sweden. Over the last 30 years we have built a network of associates and consultants from Seattle to Sao Paolo, Lisboa, Vienna, Berlin, London to Copenhagen. We are ALMOST global. 4. HOW? Verde BioPharma provides business services and solutions - to b2b, governments & institutions, production and R&D - in all regards to the international legal authorized medical cannabis-business. Education, corporate competence, coaching, orientation. 5. WHY? Verde BioPharma is a business initiative born from 30 years global professional business experience and the UN 2030 goals. Since 2009 we have studied and analyzed the specific needs, requirements and challenges of the business of medical cannabis. It our goal to help integrating safe authorized medical cannabis, Life Science and the modern healthcare industry. Our interest in, and dedication to sustainability is lifelong. Challenge is opportunity. / PD

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VERDE BioPharma Verde BioPharma specializes in legal medical cannabis.

VERDE BioPharma We facilitate business opportunity, provide direction & orientation. VERDE Biopharma connects a unique global network of talent that transcends cultural landscape, and fuses academia and entrepreneurial spirit. Bringing business to business. Business development. Business partnering. Business direction Business management. Partnering. Negotiations. Brokering. Coaching and orientation. Corporate competence. Regulatory advice. Education.

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Western Europe, Algeria, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, United States, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Portugal,

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Responsible consumption and production

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Circular economy of solid wastes