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Treenox, the first independent digital market place to trade waste coming from professionals and industries.

Treenox ( is developing and commercializing a digital market place for industry and/or professionals to sell and/or buy wastes directly to collectors. Treenox mains objectives are: - increase and facilitate circular economy - link the offer and the demand. Via a website or an app mobile, any producers of waste will have a market place to advertise and find the best solution and/or best price to recycle their wastes.



Development and commercialization of a digital market place to trade wastes produced by industries

Cyclex wants to develop a digital marketplace for professional's waste. Treenox will propose various uses of this web platform: - Purchase / sale of waste, - Providers' s compétition by auctions, - Invitation to tender, - Services to insure transportation when needed - Services for waste 's massification in order to optimize costs The ambition of Cyclex is to facilitate the recycling of the 40% of waste that is not currently recycled. Cyclex aims to link the different actors of the recycling chain and thus: - Put in competition the different providers who are likely to offer their services to waste producers. - group a critical mass of producers in the same geographical area to be able to mass the waste Our value proposition is the following: For the waste producers : • Find in a few clicks a service provider that best meets their needs • Identify new openings for their waste • Optimize waste collection costs through the competition of providers • Obtain transparency on the prices of their waste collection For collection and valorization providers: • Secure their waste supplies • Limit intermediaries by having direct access to waste producers • Optimize their commercial prospecting costs Cyclex is currently under development. A first initial website has been launched early March 2018 to support a pilot trial in Brittany dedicated to organic waste and bio-waste. The pilot trial is supported by a business development team in order to start promotion of the website. In parallel we are seeking for funding and partnerships to continue developing the web platform and accelerate the commercilization foe other type of waste and in other regions.

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