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Senseacre is a specialised Visual Intelligence company using drones and sensors. We are in the business of providing hardware, software and services that capture, process, organize, and analyze data for agriculture, horticulture to unlock valuable insight. Senseacre is doing research on spectral imaging technology combined with sensors and applications software powering their ability to not only find and remove weeds and pests, but to classify based on a range of geometric and spectral characteristics across crop area. This is the essence of advanced machine vision and it enables a degree of crop improvement unobtainable by any other means. Senseacre is the only Agriculture UAV system integrator that delivers full life cycle services from land plan, capture, detect, spray and analyze all using UAVs.

Type Startup or self-employed
Founder 2018
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Founders Vinod Kumar Samanthula
Headquarters Hyderabad, Telangana 500081, India
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Senseacre Labs LLP


Visual Intelligence Partner: Our main aim is do Integrated Pest Management with Early detection of pest, weed, insect and effective quarantine with spraying which leads to Less consumption of pesticides : Save Money Less consumption of weedicides : Save Money Less consumption of insecticides : Save Money Less consumption of herbicides : Save Money Less consumption of fertilizer : Save Money Less consumption of fungicide : Save Money Saving in more than 60% of water usage for the above activity Protection from allergies and impact of the chemicals and Health Hazards for farmers. Reduce Health-cure expenditure : Save Money Protect soil, water and environment from chemical poisoning. Transform agriculture to Organic.. We work closely with Agriculture researchers, Universities and Governments and currently established alliances and delivered encouraging results for the benefit of farmer and society at large. We also use drones for monitoring and inspections in other sectors as well for visual evidence. We delivered some amazing programs in Urban, Mining, Real Estates, Dams and Structures, smart cities, Land map land use analysis and many more.
Headquarters Hyderabad, Telangana 500081, India

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Modern agricultural machine technology specifically helps farmers with crop protection by: 1.protecting crops from pests with exact doses and targeted applications of products; 2.allowing for responsible product use with less exposure; 3.efficiently using scarce agricultural area; and maximizing harvest results. 4.protect farmers and manual spraying worker away from pesticide harm, to prevent poisoning and health concerns like cancer, heart stroke, respiratory disorders, organ failure, skin irritation and other dreadful disease incidents. 5.Can spray more than 50 acres per day. 25 times more than traditional process. 6.can spray pesticides with fixed position and fixed orientation, reducing the pollution to water and soil; 7.Faster action for quarantine of pest with assured crop saving and better yield. 8.not influenced by terrain and crop height, remote control, low altitudes flight, no harm to crop; resulting in Healthy farmer, Healthy Yield & Healthy Environment

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