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Gilroy, CA 95020, USA

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Jan L Thoren & Ron Suverkrop






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Nanoarchitech Inc

We are a global supplier of green nanocomposites for resilience to fire, water and toxins for better health and safety.

NanoArchitech was founded by Jan Thoren and Ron Suverkrop ( architects and engineers ) We hold patents of inventor John Orava "carry forth the technology created at the request of FEMA. Our goal is to launch globally to slow CO2 and provide resilient composites to better withstand extreme conditions. NanoArchitech is headquartered in Gilroy California in South Silicon Valley founded in 2015 following the research in Biophysics Research Foundation, Inc. The featured platform technology is a phosphate bonded nano ceramic matrix which can be modified for multiple applications such as precast components, 3D printing buildings, shotcrete for air form construction, stucco replacement or interior coatings. It can also be conductive and provide building integrated PV(in development). Disaster resiliency and affordable shelter for solving fast, affordable housing in disaster-prone areas is our target market.

Company Nanoarchitech Inc

Nanoarchitech,inc- Limitless design options for Resilient Buildings ; a fireproof cedar below

Offer Nanoarchitech,inc- Limitless design options for Resilient Buildings ; a fireproof cedar below

Resilient patented panel system and coatings with a focus on commercial housing, indoor farming and medical building

Nano ceramic composites offer advanced formulas for maximum resilience to increasing climate change intensity with integrated renewable energy. We offer precast tiltup panels that are ready to go in 30 minutes and soon we will offer 3-D printing of an entire building in one day (depending on size) creating autonomous, energy efficient structures with no waste for disaster-proof housing and preparedness for smart towns and cities. Healthy shelter in almost any condition. We prefer design strategies with curves to provide proven durability against high pressure of water, wind and fire lasting for centuries. The Neuskyns materials provide a sound and UV barrier with integrated long-lasting color. No maintenance is required. This patented smart building system purifies and recycles water, generates power and provides advanced monitoring and sensors for maximum efficiency. The interior provides a hypoallergenic, antimicrobial healthy indoor environment.

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Jan Thoren

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Offering thin coatings available for exterior and interior buildings, for new or old wood,cement, metal. Solarize it!

200+ durable solid colors for long term endurance without painting or maintenance. Thickness varies, but generally 1/2 the thickness required with standard cements with greater strength and protection. Formulas enhance earthquake resistance, radiation and sound barriers as well as fire, water and toxins.

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