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Nanoarchitech Inc

We are a global supplier of green nanocomposites for resilience to fire, water and toxins for better health and safety.

NanoArchitech was founded by Jan Thoren and Ron Suverkrop ( architects and engineers ) We hold patents of inventor John Orava "carry forth the technology created at the request of FEMA. Our goal is to launch globally to slow CO2 and provide resilient composites to better withstand extreme conditions. NanoArchitech is headquartered in Gilroy California in South Silicon Valley founded in 2015 following the research in Biophysics Research Foundation, Inc. The featured platform technology is a phosphate bonded nano ceramic matrix which can be modified for multiple applications such as precast components, 3D printing buildings, shotcrete for air form construction, stucco replacement or interior coatings. It can also be conductive and provide building integrated PV(in development). Disaster resiliency and affordable shelter for solving fast, affordable housing in disaster-prone areas is our target market.

Company Nanoarchitech Inc

Jan Thoren

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We offer Resilient building material and system. We hold patents in 80 countries throughout the world.

The nanoceramic composites offer advanced formulations outlasting all legacy materials with capabilities to generate power directly on the building surface, insulate the building, 3D print the entire building in one day, create extremely energy efficient structures that will withstand severe wind and water loads in severe conditions and provide instant shelter for emergency housing or resilient housing in disaster prone areas to hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and toxins. We support smart engineering such as curved architecture and dome construction which is well proven over centuries to withstand extreme conditions. Our smart building system patents can purify and recycle water , generate power and provide advanced monitoring and sensoring to make structures autonomous, providing power and efficient storage,energy efficiency by virtue of sensors, resilient nanoceramic building material, eco insulation and even incorporate safe indoor food production and the most resilient building envelope to fire, water, mold and toxins.

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