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Founded in 2012, M2i is a French industrial group of 165 people with expertise in developing, formulating and manufacturing complex molecules. Through our strong R&D facilities and our GMP plant based in France, we are able to meet customer needs in plant biocontrol. We are currently the N1 in Europe for pheromones production. Pheromones are substances secreted by insects which enable them to interact with others of the same species in order to gather together, mate or flee. By reproducing them in a laboratory using biomimicry and developing innovative and patented release methods, M2i has created a way of fighting pests by drawing them in and trapping them, or by disrupting them so as to prevent their reproduction and spread. Hence, peromones are an efficient and economical method that support transitions to more ecologically sound models as they are selective, non-toxic and don’t allow pests to develop resistance. With 19 patents in 6 years, M2i focuses on innovation and advanced technology to promote ‘made in Europe’ solutions as an alternative to traditional pesticides. Our aim is to favour methods that are risk-free for the public, and that preserve biodiversity and ecosystems for a healthier environment and healthier food. We have developed special expertise in pheromones for biological crop protection. We develops, manufactures and commercializes a new generation of natural products that can replace traditional pesticides effectively and profitably. We won in 2015, the Business and Environment award for Innovation from the French Ministry of Environment, and the European Business Award for the European Commission in 2016 / 2017, and were recognized in 2019 as one of the 50 most promising French companies by the newspaper Les Echos. Our pheromone dispensers protect efficiently the crops and orchards in more than 55 countries such as France, Marocco, South Afica, Israel, Chile…We are particularly well established in providing the growers or private gardeners with efficient solutions against more than 50 different pests to protect row crops, orchards, vegetables, trees or stock goods. We provide dispensers that last in average for 100 days and can be stored 2,5 years at normal temperature thanks to our microencapsulation technology. This unique formulation patent allows regular and linear pheromone release for better efficacy in fields; it also makes possible to commercialize flowable pheromone formulation that can be sprayed in fields

Type Company
Founder 2012
Company Size 165
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Founders Philippe GUERRET
Headquarters 92210 Saint-Cloud, France
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Headquarters 92210 Saint-Cloud, France

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