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Clean energy efficient radiant heat applications across gas fuel

Agnisumukh is an award winning clean-tech startup from Bangalore in India driven by innovation, technology & design to manufacture total solutions for radiant heat applications driven by LPG, Natural gas & Bio gas. . The innovation has other industrial applications as the temperature can reach beyond 1000 °C in a very short time. Our entity covers 15 of 17 SDG of UN Agenda - 2030 in "transforming our world". Contact 1800 120 3717 and +91 8884440556 & info@agnisumukh.com


Agnisumukh Energy Solutions Private Limited

Energy efficient commercial cook stove driven by LPG - Butane & Propane, Natural Gas and Bio-Gas

Carbon soot & extreme heat are creating nightmares in commercial kitchen, preserving nutrition in food, keeping clean pots and pan, safety, fuel saving, conservation of water, power and daily maintenance of burners and exhaust system are other big challenges. The blue flame commercial gas burners are creating all these problems due to pressurized heat at the centre of cook pot, where moisture of the food gets used up and food gets burnt. Agnisumukh innovation mitigates all these problems and transforms life in commercial kitchen. Agnisumukh manufactures commercial kitchen equipment ranging from cook stoves to steam boilers driven by innovative energy efficient radiant heat gas burner which is flameless, smokeless and noiseless. The burners produce uniform heat just like charcoal heat emitting far-infrared rays. The device has been tested and certified at a thermal efficiency under IS 14612 between 65-68.9%, as against existing blue flame commercial gas burner rating between 36-45% . Our entity covers 15 of 17 SDG on UN Agenda - 2030 in "transforming our world". The impact of innovation is as under:- • Preserving nutrition in food • Clean pot and pan • Device is safer as it operates under low gas pressure • Saving of gas fuels over 30% • Saving of water and detergent over 50%Lower ambient heat in kitchen • Faster cooking • High thermal efficiency at 69% under IS: 14612 • No daily maintenance for cleaning the burner • Heat can be given from top, down or any desired direction • Increased productivity – user can do multi-tasking • Manual to semi-automated and fully automated control Team Agnisumukh feels proud to share that Kitchen of our President of India is powered by our innovation. Infosys, ITC Hotels, Radisson Blu, Ganguram, Apollo Hospitals, Club Mahindra, Park Plaza are some of our prized client’s.

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Affordable and clean energy, Industry, innovation and infrastructure

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