The new Climate

A strategy
to overcome
resistance to
the ecological

Despite the efforts undertaken since the Earth Summit in 1992 to protect the environment and fight against climate change, the situation has continued to worsen. It's clear that presenting environmental protection as difficult, expensive and sacrificial for the economy, mobility and comfort has not motivated many. It is therefore imperative to devise a new narrative and replace the one that has not worked in the past.

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“It is imperative to devise a new narrative and replace the one that has not worked in the past. What we are calling for is no less than a revolution in the way we speak about climate action.”

Bertrand Piccard
President of the Solar Impulse Foundation

The Glossary

In communicating about climate action, we can significantly influence general perception and acceptance if we replace certain words, like:

  • Replace this by this
  • Decarbonisation Modernisation
  • Cost Profitable Investment
  • Problems Solutions
  • Crisis Opportunity
  • Threatened Jobs New Professions
  • Goals Road Maps
  • Difficult Challenging
  • Next Generations Current Generation
  • Sacrifice Advantages
  • Degrowth Qualitative Economy
  • Sobriety Efficiency
  • More Regulation Modern Regulation
  • Ecological Logical
  • Replace this by this
  • We must act now This is how to act now
  • Protection of nature Protection of the purchase power
  • Climate action New business opportunities
  • Protecting the planet Improving human quality of life
  • Green Clean
  • Long term action Short term benefits
  • Expensive Allowing savings
  • Closing dirty sectors Diversification
  • Future technologies Existing technologies
  • "Others still pollute" We can be more modern
  • Quantity Quality
  • Climate urgency Economic imperative