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Summary: Clean Conversations webinar series – Episode three

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Clean Investment: Champoining Corporate Partnerships

GreenCape is a cluster member of the International Cleantech Network (ICN). The ICN has partnered with the Solar Impulse Foundation this year to promote a global sign-up drive for the SIF 1 000 efficient solutions label, a showcase of cleantech solutions that can safeguard the environment in a financially profitable way.

To further build on these international networks, ICN and SIF hosted a Clean Conversations webinar series during June. The focus of this series was three-fold: Clean Recovery, Clean Procurement and Clean Investment.

The final episode of the series was hosted on 24 June 2020. The focus was on the clean investment to discuss how the private sector can partner with cleantech providers to accelerated green recovery. The conversation was moderated by Denis Leclerc, President and CEO of Ecotech Québec, based in Canada. Panellists included Bertrand Piccard (Solar Impulse Foundation, International), Jeanette Jackson (CEO, Foresight), Pierre-Etienne Franc (Vice President, Air Liquide) and Stéphane Roussel (Managing Director, Solvay Ventures).


The crisis of Covid-19 has disrupted business operations. Difficult times do however, also provide opportunities to change the status quo. The webinar discussion presented an opportunity to reflect on how corporations can invest in cleantech to collaborate in support of scaling-up the deployment of technologies and support trade.

According to Jeanette Jackson: “What transpired in Canada for local cleantech companies is that Covid-19 has impacted the abilities to raise investment. With that being said, we are optimistic. Recent recovery plan announcements are pointing out that climate change is a priority for our restart and recovery plan."

"In terms of corporate championing of cleantech adoption, we need to source innovative solutions that meet sustainability needs,” she added.

In terms of preserving cleantech innovations, companies need to have a strategy to the commitments they make and create long-term visions. Stéphane Roussel reiterated: “We need to take concrete actions now with technologies that are market-ready, and implement them.”

“We must also increase our commitment to circularity. It is important to make some of the existing, or even new, solutions cheaper. There needs to be a role to play for cleantech to reach the mass-market, and that is where corporate can come in,” he added.

To find profitable cleantech solutions, companies can partner with the Solar Impulse Foundation and receive a label for 1000 solutions.

According to Bertrand Piccard, “The Solar Impulse Foundation has already selected 550 solutions. These are not just solutions that we gather and make a list it proves that the solutions are financially profitable to protect the environment. We have an opportunity to rebuild infrastructure to achieve a clean and efficient modern world.”

Written by Guest on July 2, 2020

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