News - April 25, 2023

Matching climate cleantech with adopters in Grenoble

Written by Rémy Kalter 2 min read

Today in the Metropole of Grenoble, we will again be bringing together cleantech solutions and potential adopters in a series of speed-meetings. We expect over 150 participants to join with some 125 meetings – and all this over a single afternoon.

Organizing events such as these is critical. Not only does it raise awareness amongst potential customers as to what is available on the market to reduce their environmental footprint, it also show what kind of financial returns they can expect.

The event itself covers a whole host of different subjects, just as our entire portfolio does. Business with significant energy demands are looking for software to identify where they are using the most energy. Industrial actors want to know how to capture waste heat from their activities. Some are looking for way to convert their combustion engine vehicles to something cleaner. Others want to collect the rainwater in their buildings to greenify their roofs.

What is clear is that many of these actors can imagine their footprint can be much reduce, but don’t necessarily know where to turn to. And that’s where we and our portfolio of labelled solutions comes in.

This event has been organized in collaboration with the Metropole of Grenoble-Alpes and Air Liquide – partner to the Solar Impulse Foundation. A further five of our corporate partners will also be present, interested in understanding which solutions exist to reduce their own footprint as well as demonstrating to potential buyers what contributions they too can make.

The ability to gather this many people together in an uncomplicated format and to ensure that the most is made of the time each person attending is where the real value comes in.

Feel free to reach out to us for more information if you want to do something similar in your city, region or business:

Written by Rémy Kalter on April 25, 2023

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