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May's Efficient Solution Stories: Revolutionizing Plastic Recycling and more

Written by Sophie de Blonay 4 min read

From revolutionizing plastic recycling to developing sustainable wood treatment solutions, several companies are driving environmental progress and sustainable practices. These advancements offer promising alternatives to traditional methods while reducing carbon footprints and promoting a circular economy. Let's explore some notable achievements, including Pyrowave and Michelin's successful carbon footprint reduction in plastic recycling, Tiamat's sodium-ion batteries for consumer use, METRON's partnership for industry decarbonization, and the funding rounds of AXIOMA and Woodoo. These developments exemplify the growing importance of sustainable practices across various industries.


Pyrowave and Michelin: Revolutionizing Plastic Recycling in France with Carbon Footprint Reduction

Pyrowave has successfully demonstrated the carbon footprint reduction of its plastic recycling project in collaboration with Michelin in France. Using their microwave-assisted depolymerization technology, Pyrowave was able to break down plastics into reusable monomers, resulting in a 20-30% reduction in carbon footprint compared to traditional mechanical recycling methods. The project was conducted at Michelin's facility in Clermont-Ferrand. This achievement aligns with Michelin's commitment to sustainable waste management and their goal of incorporating recycled materials into tire production while reducing their overall carbon footprint. Pyrowave's innovative technology offers a more environmentally friendly approach to plastic recycling, promoting a circular economy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Sodium-Ion Batteries Coming to B2C with Tiamat x ADEO Screwdriver at Leroy Merlin

Tiamat is going to be the first company to commercialize sodium-ion batteries to b2c, with the ADEO engineered screwdriver soon in sale at Leroy Merlin shops. A sodium-ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery that uses sodium ions as the charge carriers instead of the traditional lithium ions used in lithium-ion batteries. Sodium-ion batteries are often considered to be more environmentally friendly than lithium-ion batteries for several reasons like the abundance of sodium, the use of fewer toxic materials for their production, their cost-effectiveness and recycling capabilities.

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Resortecs and BekaertDeslee Unite to Transform Mattress Cover Recycling: Advancing the Circular Economy with Innovative Stitching Solutions

New collaboration between Resortecs and BekaertDeslee to revolutionize mattress cover recycling. Resortecs’ efficient Solution is a unique stitching thread that dissolves at high temperatures, enabling easy separation of mattress components during recycling. By partnering with BekaertDeslee, a leading textile company, Resortecs aims to integrate their innovative thread into mattress covers, making them fully recyclable. This partnership will contribute to reducing waste and promoting a circular economy in the mattress industry. The collaboration combines Resortecs' expertise in sustainable stitching solutions with BekaertDeslee's industry knowledge, fostering a new approach to mattress cover production that prioritizes recyclability and environmental sustainability.

Resotecs did also raise €2.2 million in a seed investment round led by Brussel-based ScaleFund and finance & invest brussels. Impact-driven funds makesense, AFI Ventures (the impact arm of Ventech), Trividend, and PDS Limited also joined the round, which follows a €2.5 million EIC grant received in 2022.

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French scale-up METRON has partnered with Dalkia, BNP Paribas and AWS to accelerate industry decarbonization in Europe 

The companies METRON, DALKIA, BNP PARIBAS and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have launched in 2022 the “Decarb Fast Track” programme. The programme has been designed to subsidise easy access for selected corporates to an energy management and optimisation toolbox for industrial facilities, and aims to save up to 100,000 tons of CO2 by equipping by June 2023 100 industrial companies with an energy management and optimisation solution. The “Decarb Fast Track” programme has been recognised by the French government in the industrial section of its National Energy Sobriety Plan published in October 2022. To know more about the "Decarb Fast Track" reach out to Brigitte Herlin -

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AXIOMA, the third Labeled Solution to integrate the BNP Paribas Solar Impulse Venture Fund

French biotech firm Axioma aims to triple its production capacity over the next three years and establish micro-factories abroad. The company, which produces probiotics and supplements to support digestive health, plans to build a new production facility in France by 2025. Meanwhile, Axioma is exploring opportunities for small-scale manufacturing sites overseas, as it seeks to expand its global reach. The firm also intends to raise funds for research into new products, including those that can help combat antibiotic resistance. Axioma, which was founded in 2018, currently employs around 50 people.

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Woodoo raises €31 million

Woodoo a french startup has raised €31 million in funding to develop a wood treatment solution that is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. The funding round was led by the European Investments Fund and included participation from existing investors. Woodoo plans to use the funding to scale up production and expand its team. By offering a sustainable alternative to traditional wood treatments, Woodoo aims to reduce the environmental impact of the construction industry. The company is also able to produce a transparent material, which becomes a substitute for glass, to address the automotive market and equip the interior of vehicles. Woodoo can also make wood into a highly flexible material that replaces leather or exotic skins such as crocodile or snake and address the luxury market with this process.

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Stolect, Hysilabs, Purple Solo Winners of the World Wechnology Leader Award

The companies Stolect, Hysilabs and Purple Alternative Surface respectively developers of the Labeled Solutions Stolect Carnot Batteries, Hydrosil and Purple SOLO ®, are winners of the 2023 World Technology Award. The World Technology Leaders Award is an award for technology excellence and innovation leadership designed to recognize individuals and companies that have made a significant contribution to the field of technology. 

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MyEasyFarm gets a grant from France Relance 2030 for MyEasyCarbon

MyEasyFarm, a digital agriculture company, obtained support from the France Relance program for their MyEasyCarbon project. The project aims to develop a carbon footprint assessment tool for farmers. With the help of the funding, MyEasyFarm plans to enhance their existing digital platform to enable farmers to measure, track, and reduce their carbon emissions. The tool will provide valuable insights and recommendations to optimize farming practices and promote sustainability. By leveraging France Relance's support, MyEasyFarm aims to contribute to the agricultural sector's efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving more environmentally friendly farming practices.

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Bloom Biorenewables wins the Prix SUD 2023 organized in partnership with Le Temps

Bloom Biorenewables is developing a unique technology that allows the extraction of high-value molecules from plant biomass, which can serve as a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based products. By leveraging the power of biorefineries, Bloom Biorenewables aims to produce valuable chemicals and materials from renewable resources, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and minimizing environmental impact. The recognition of their project through the "Prix Sud" demonstrates the growing importance and potential of efficient Solutions in the energy and chemical sectors.

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Pinovo wins special "marine biodiversity" prize at the Ocean Pitch Challenge 2023

With this Award, Respect Ocean acknowledges Pinovo's commitment to environmentally friendly practices and their positive impact on the ocean and marine ecosystem. Pinovo offers sustainable surface treatment solutions. Their efficient Solutions provide environmentally friendly alternatives for industrial applications, helping to reduce environmental impact and improve sustainability in various sectors by offering efficient and eco-conscious surface treatment options.

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