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25kW Low-to-Medium Temperature Stirling Engine

Stirling Engine modules to generate clean electricity from waste heat locally.

Cool Energy’s novel air engine uses captured waste heat at between 150 and 400° C to produce clean electricity on-site.

In remote locations, electricity is commonly generated with diesel-fueled generators. Recovering the heat from the exhaust manifold with a Stirling engine - extremely efficient compared to internal combustion engines - can produce extra electricity, thereby reducing fuel consumption. The solution has other applications such as solar thermal and biomass generation, and can allow for significantly reduced fuel consumption.

Key features for a positive impact on quality of life

  • Low-temperature power conversion of recovered heat
  • Unique design maximizes efficiency
  • Common materials that keep costs low
  • Designed for long service life
  • Can be used in combination with other renewable energy systems
  • Can be applied to industrial or remote power generation processes, such as diesel generators or natural gas generators.


  • 2-6 year payback time for typical customers, depending on operating profile and avoided electricity or fuel cost.
  • Can generate $230,000 in social benefit from avoided pollution emissions from the grid.

25kW Low-to-Medium Temperature Stirling Engine by Cool Energy


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Fundraising to build additional licensing partnerships for heat recovery and power generation, and growing their network in the European and Asian market.

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