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Zify is a carpooling enabler. We create collective and eco-friendly commuting experiences that help reduce road traffic!

Zify was initially created in 2015 by Anurag Rathor in his home-town Hyderabad, India. Anurag used to share his daily commutes with his fellow employees and understood the potential of carpooling when he began covering his commute costs entirely. The environmental and social benefits associated to carpooling were so great that he decided to make it his life mission to democratize this mode of transportation. Following the creation of Zify, Anurag hired a team of technical engineers and developed a mobile application which allowed them to expand their user base. Zify is today the first carpooler in India, present in major cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore and New Delhi. Wanting to continue the expansion of Zify and further democratize carpooling outside India, Anurag travelled throughout Europe and took part in various accelerator programs in Germany and Ireland until he settled down in Paris, France and moved Zify’s headquarters to the city of lights. An international team of marketers and business developers were hired in order to expand in the French market. Zify is today growing through corporate partnerships and is rapidly becoming an innovator in the carpooling industry. Zify is today present in India, France, Germany and Ireland and Zify’s international team is devoted to making carpooling the mobility solution of tomorrow. The startup is today a member of the French Tech Ticket, the Techstars accelerator program and the United Nation’s Global Compact. Since the start of the adventure, Zify has facilitated over 3 million successful trips and counts as many as 450 000 regular users. Zify is helping save the planet, is allowing individuals and families reduce their transportation costs, and is allowing each and every user make friends along the way.

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A shared mobility solution to change the way people commute.

Mobility has become a challenge in most parts of the world. Carpooling offers an alternative as it brings transportation access to isolated areas and decongests roadways and public transportation systems that are over-solicited.
Solution Label May 2018 Solution

Zify's carpooling service for corporate and public partners

Offer Zify's carpooling service for corporate and public partners

Zify's 'carpool as a service' SaaS interface allows our partners to keep track of their internal use of carpooling!

Zify is connecting a wide range of corporations and public actors together in order to make carpooling a viable mobility alternative for employees around the world. The Zify corporate dashboard allows companies to view the evolution of carpooling amongst their collaborators. They have visibility on time, financial and carbon savings that are a result of the direct use of carpooling. The data generated through our SaaS dashboard allows our partners to set in motion their carpool-based communication while having visibility on the evolution of use of our shared mobility solution over time. Zify's dashboard is based on gamification techniques that allow our users to receive rewards based on their carpooling activity. At Zify, we strongly believe that getting corporates and public actors onboard our solution is as important as convincing individuals to carpool.

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Sustainable cities and communities

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Urban and inter-urban mobility, Communities infrastructures