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Tommaso Morbiato




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Nature variability reduces renewable energy efficiency. The solution is always adapting to change: Windcity.

Our vision is "Variable Geometry for Variable Flow"​: we pursue it through our patented disruptive energy conversion concept which allows us to maximize production in any variable flow. Thanks to Windcity's simple mechanics technology, we are able to harvest up to 80% more energy compared to competitors. We contribute to a shift towards the Circular Economy by recovering and exploiting a relevant yet so far underestimated class of wind, that of variable wind. Our arms are designed to adjust the blades'​ radius and inclination, allowing our turbine to work in complete autonomy without the need of any additional energy source. Windcity is active in the mini-wind turbine sector (wind flow) and in technology transfer also for the hydrokinetic sector (water flow) offering, thanks to its patent of passive variable geometry, the mini-turbines from 3 to 30 kW that adapt themselves to the variability of the natural resource, which today due to loss of performance in conventional technologies. Maximum efficiency, reliability, and connectivity as smart objects: renewable energy becomes the real alternative.