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TreaTech Sàrl

TreaTech is a Swiss based private Company that has developed a unique sewage sludge disposal technology.

While wastewater can be recycled into valuable sources of water, nutrients, and energy, the water treatment byproducts, also known as sewage sludge, became a major waste product in most advanced societies. Today, more than 80% of sludge disposal is either incinerated or landfilled causing 2.8% of global greenhouse emissions, costing more than 150 MCHF per year in Switzerland (165 Bn globally) to Sewage Treatment Plants, and having potential harmful effects. Our catalytic hydrothermal gasification system was developed for the disposal of different types of liquid wastes that are usually incinerated or landfilled and instead, turns them into by-products such as clean water, biogas and mineral salts that can further be upgraded into Phosphoric Acid. This not only makes the sludge a new form a revenue instead of a cost but also reduces the contamination effects. Our main objective for the next 2 years is to scale up our lab-scale prototype to an industrial level and commercialize it in the Global Sewage Treatment Plant market. We plan to build our first commercial unit by 2020, with treatment capacity of 10 tons per day of sewage sludge.