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Environmental Enclosures for HVAC- and Industrial Equipment and smart sensors detecting disorders of Equipment 24h/365d.

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Noise, such as that emitted from HVAC and Industrial systems, has unfortunately, become the soundtrack for day-to-day life in both work and home environments.
This no longer has to be the case. Technology now exists that cancels out noise while generating a variety of other benefits, including improved HVAC functioning reduced energy consumption, equipment control 24 hours / 365 days.
We are an engineering and trading company for of high quality Environmental Enclosures and Sensors for Heat Pumps, Air-conditioning systems, HVAC Units, and outdoor Mechanical Equipment. Our products provide a simple, but effective solution to control equipment noise to avoid noise pollution, whilst enhancing aesthetics, weather protection and improving system security, Efficiency and remote control for “predictive maintenance concepts”. The reduced atmospheric space of our enclosures combined with smart sensor technologies are the basis for remote monitoring of HVAC and Industrial equipment to introduce “predictive maintenance concepts” avoiding costly equipment downtime. Build in sensor in our enclosures can detect already small differences to the usual conditions because, for example for the high concentration of refrigeration gas or air pressure drop in the reduced environmental space inside the enclosures.
The absence of background noise inside the enclosures enables sensors to detect the slightest change in equipment sound and provides indication of possible failures. With our technology you can monitor conditions of our equipment 24 hours / 365 days.
Monitoring today includes: Gas sensors to detect Micro Refrigerant Gas Leaks Refrigerant such as R404a, R134, R125 and many others, used in A/C and Cooling Systems are combustible and harmful to our environment. According to the new EU F-Gas Directive, Refrigerant Systems must not only fulfil stringent periodical leakage control the must be also equipped with a leak detection system for HHC refrigerants.
Our refrigeration sensors are able to detect leaks really early and with small concentration this is the only way to protect environment from accidental release of coolants and refrigeration or other gas.
Our sensor makes a continuous measurement of refrigeration in the air of the atmospheric reduced environment of our enclosures to prevent systems from running dry, minimising system downtime and subsequent costs. With a measurement rang of 1000 ppm or 2000 ppm our sensor detect even minute refrigerant quantities and alerts system owner already by small quantities losses. Air pressure drop Significant sign of dirt on evaporators or problem with the exhaust or fans. Humidity and temperature Enabling you to run your systems in the most efficient way under different environmental conditions.
Vibration and changes of Equipment sound Gives you indications of different equipment problems and the system notifications to prevent damage of components causing in the end downtime of the entire system. Acoustic sensors Recording of the sound data of the system inside and outside of the enclosure. In case of noise complaints by authorities or neighbours. Long-term recording of noise profiles can be used to bring the evidence that systems operate according in the sound Limits of local Governments. This avoid costs for external noise expertises. To summit up our systems brings the following benefits: Reduction of Noise pollution. Reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere Reduction of emitted Refrigerant Gases in the atmosphere with high GWP potential.
Reducing the cycling amount of Refrigeration Gases by earlier detection of refrigeration loss. Predictive maintenance by recognising potential failures of components. Reducing maintenance and service cycles on equipment. Prevent systems for costly downtime and systems from production losses. Reducing frequencies for onsite Maintenance, will reduce cost of man-hours and specialist time remains free for other sites (lack of qualified staff). Users can take action before production is impacted, equipment and property are damaged, or the environment is contaminated.
You reduce the costs of production drops, man-hours for site visits, clean up and fines. Future applications Sound Analysis for Machine Learning Listening to machines is not new. Since the industrial revolution, machine operators have tried to recognize the sound of a properly functioning machine. With time and experience, machine operators become expert listeners and develop the fine skills necessary to detect unusual sounds in rotating and moving machinery. However, with the increase of production automation, operators are very often in charge of overseeing several machines simultaneously.
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Headquarters 23875 Osnago, Lecco, Italien

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