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SATAVIA simplifies decision-making to make aviation smarter and greener via our cloud-based AI technology, DECISIONX.

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Founded 2013
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Founders Dr. Adam Durant
Headquarters Cambridge CB3 0DU, UK
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SATAVIA is a data analytics and AI company based in Cambridge UK helping the aviation industry to make flying smarter and greener. THE CONTRAIL CLIMATE CHALLENGE: Recent research shows that contrails formed by aircraft at cruise generate 59% of aviation’s climate impact, versus 32% arising from direct CO2 engine emissions. Future NetZero emission engines and fuels may exacerbate contrail formation as a result of higher water emissions. Contrail formation therefore presents the most significant climate challenge that aviation will face in the post-COVID19 era. SATAVIA is currently the only team offering a practicable solution to the contrail challenge. OUR SOLUTION: SATAVIA’s unique DECISIONX:NETZERO system uses AI-powered data analytics and enterprise-grade data to deliver actionable insight, enabling aircraft operators to accurately forecast, avoid, validate, quantify and offset aviation contrail emissions. Pre-flight, operators can optimise flight plans to minimise contrail formation by targeting low-risk altitudes identified by SATAVIA modelling. Post-flight, DECISIONX:NETZERO validates contrail formation against modelled predictions and quantifies climate benefit, which is then converted into carbon offset credits for operators. With a conservative target of 50% contrail prevention, SATAVIA could enable annual emissions savings in excess of >1,000 Mt CO2e/year across all operators. Alongside ongoing, incremental efforts to develop greener engines and fuels, DECISIONX:NETZERO offers a revolutionary, application-ready solution capable of targeting and minimising aviation’s most damaging environmental impact. While SATAVIA’s vision centres on the goal of making aviation greener, the company also offers products focused on improving condition monitoring. SATAVIA’s DECISIONX:FLEET allows operators to improve asset condition monitoring (e.g. corrosion risks for parked aircraft) by ~10%, while also optimising engine core wash scheduling.
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Headquarters Cambridge CB3 0DU, UK

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Published 2 weeks ago Cambridge, United Kingdom Deadline December 31, 2020

SATAVIA is a Cambridge, UK-based startup at the cutting edge of atmospheric science, data science, machine learning, aerospace and cloud computing, with a scalable climate modelling supercomputer deployed on Azure! Our vision is to make aviation smarter and greener by reducing the impact of aviation emissions on climate change. If this piques your interest, for more information and to apply go to

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