We work on the realisation of an innovative approach to rid the oceans of plastic.

Type Non-profit project
Founder 2017
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Founders Marcella Hansch
Headquarters 52074 Aachen, Germany
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PACIFIC GARBAGE SCREENING is a non-profit organisation fighting the marine plastic pollution by developing a platform, which collects plastic waste from the ocean. We are a group of students and young professionals mainly based in Aachen, Germany, who work on the realisation of an innovative approach to rid the oceans of plastic. We do this based on two principles: On the one hand, we aim to raise awareness of the problem of marine litter through events and media campaigns. Moreover, we are working on the basic principles to proof the functioning of the innovative idea and to finally realise the concept of the PACIFIC GARBAGE SCREENING platform.
Headquarters 52074 Aachen, Germany

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Other products

The PGS platform is floating and positioned within estauries or the marine garbage patches. Fast-moving ocean currents drag floating plastic particles as deep as 30 meters under the water surface. We use the fact that plastic particles have a lower density than water and would float on the surface – if the ocean currents were less strong. The expanding form of the PACIFIC GARBAGE SCREENING platform, along with a system of canals, located underwater, calm the ocean currents within the platform. That allows plastic particles to float up to the surface with their natural draft. Once on the surface, the plastic can easily be collected and skimmed. Nets or other filter systems, which could endanger ocean life, are not necessary. Once the ocean plastic is successfully collected, our vision is to convert the waste into energy and biodegradable plastic by the combination of different biological and technical processes.

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