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Marc Hawxhurst



  • Affordable and clean energy

  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure

  • Sustainable cities and communities

  • Responsible consumption and production



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Marina, Hudson Yards


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Nova Luxe Yacht Company

Our overarching goal is to eliminate CO2 emissions from the marine industry.

To do this we designed an all electric yacht from the ground up. This model will be the showcase for renewable energy while spurring further investment in electric propulsion development for the marine industry. This product is unlike others in the market as it only requires one captain and has an unlimited range. Its fast, reaching 14 knots and can perform all of the functions of a typical luxury yacht.


Zero Emission Solar Electric Yacht

We offer a zero emission 37' catamaran yacht for environmentally conscious individuals who love leisure, not pollution.

Designed from the ground up, we implement the best proven technologies to offer a vessel at a price point never before seen. We offer a product that can do everything you would typically expect from a yacht of this class. The difference, you can do more with the EY37 then you may have dreamed possible. Unlimited range, silent motion, no engine vibration, no smell, carbon free emissions and elegant, large cabins are just the beginning. Fully Customizable form, optimized for function, and luxury standard, this is Nova Luxe. Our ultimate goal is to prove electric propulsion is the best option for aquatic activities. 4% of all carbon emissions come from the marine industry even though they represent only 1% of combustion engines. Current technology and battery power is expensive and heavy which is the reason we entered the luxury market. This market can absorb the higher price. With sufficient sales and mass production efficiency we can drive the price of electric marine propulsion down. Nova Luxe will drive the cost down until electric propulsion beats fossil fuel production on strictly economic terms. When we do that, everyone will switch to electric and the earth will benefit. All components are manufactured by professionals with over 10 years experience.

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Categories of application
Affordable and clean energy, Industry, innovation and infrastructure, Responsible consumption and production

Sector of application
Energy distribution & management, Clean energy production, End-of-pipe industrial pollution management, Freight transportation, Primary resources management

Tested implementation

Nova Luxe Charter Marina

Advanced marina design which houses more vessels per square foot and generates 300KW per day to supplement power grid.

Solar boats have the ability to send power back to the grid when charging is complete. This feature could be vital after a storm ravages an island power generation source. After the storm, charter rentals will be slow so parking them in the marina for a few days to keep essential systems online until power is restored would be beneficial to business. Each yacht can produce 30-60KW of power a day which could act as an additional revenue source for the marina or provide critical instruments with power in time of need. The charter business in general is well understood and the act of renting boats would be handled in the same way. Demand for an all electric boat with unlimited range, no pollution that is truly fast would be strong and they would be priced at a premium to diesel. Maintenance for electric engines and subsequent components is a fraction of traditional engines and fuel costs are negligible. This marina would be a showcase for renewable fuels and the micro grid technology offsets what may otherwise be fossil fuel generated electricity. If sales are generated at the marina a commission would be paid.

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Categories of application
Affordable and clean energy, Industry, innovation and infrastructure, Sustainable cities and communities

Sector of application
Energy distribution & management, Clean energy production, Freight transportation, Urban and inter-urban mobility, Communities infrastructures

Tested implementation

Aquila 44 by Nova Luxe

My first customer purchased an Aquila 44 which will be refitted with the Torqeedo propulsion system.

The yacht will be delivered in December and it will be available for customers to see and test in February 2017. You can see the listing by searching for Aquila 44 by Nova Luxe.

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Categories of application
Affordable and clean energy

Sector of application
Clean energy production, Energy distribution & management