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Environmentally friendly. Innovative. Economically. Energy efficient. Without compromises! - High energy efficiency / energy classification A + and A ++ - Low heat development (50% light, 50% heat) - Very good color rendering (RA 80-94) - Long life (35000-50000 hrs) - No change in light color / intensity (max 2-4%) - Various light colors (2200-6000 K) - Dimmable (230V, 12V, GU10 and MR16) - High-quality electronics for high switching resistance, low inrush currents and flicker-free light - Pollutant-free and resource-saving (no phosphorus and mercury, no gases and rare earths) - Easy disposal (recyclable electronic waste) - The ecological contribution to reducing CO2 pollution! - LCC is the pollutant-free alternative to LED.

Type Startup or self-employed
Founded 2011
Company Size 5
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Founders Lucky Ranasinghe
Headquarters 8112 Otelfingen, Switzerland
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LCC Licht GmbH


THE ORIGIN. Laser Crystal Ceramics (LCC) is a light technology that has its origins in Switzerland and South Korea. In 2004, the engineer Lucky Ranasinghe produced a second-rate, unbelievably bright light due to a faulty manipulation on a laser copier. The cause of this incident could then finally be clarified by a technical university in South Korea. LCC is fundamentally different from LED due to its organic coating. WHAT IS LCC? By charging the two crystal halves over a conductor wire, positive and negative charges are applied from a voltage source. The two halves aim at the electrical neutrality and want to form a balance of electrons on their crystal halves. The neutralization of both charges produces neutralization energy, which we perceive as light. In LCC as well as LED there are positive charges as well as negative electrons. These opposing charges (plus and minus) produce light and heat when neutralized. The artificial LCC crystal absorbs heat, resulting in 20 to 30% more light output compared to LED chips, with up to 10% less energy consumption HIGH ENERGY EFFICIENCY. Due to the high energy efficiency, the power supply is exposed to less stress. It is thus possible to achieve up to 250,000 cycles and more. We build LCC chips into housings designed for LED technology. One reason for this is the high availability, but on the other hand, these housings also have cooling fins. Due to the low heat development, however, cooling measures for our products are only conditionally or even not necessary. The same applies to LCC Retrofitleuchtmittel, which was modeled after the Edison bulb. There is no coolant in any of these LCC bulbs, the glass body only serves as hand protection. Operation without this is readily possible but does not conform to the high safety standards that the Federal High Voltage Inspectorate (ESTI) places on our LCC products. LIGHT QUALITY. Warm white, brilliant light with very good color rendering (Ra80-94), comparable to incandescent light. LIFESPAN. 35 000 hours and more. START BEHAVIOUR. Immediately to 100% light output. HIGH SWITCHING RESISTANCE. Can be switched on / off at least 250,000 times. DIMMING. LCC lamps 230V, GU10 and 12V, MR16 are available in dimmable version. DIVERSE PRODUCT TYPES. E14, E27, E40, B22, MR11, MR16, GU10, T5 and T8 tubes, Stripes, hall lighting, municipal and municipal lighting, lighting for rail and transport companies, medical lighting, OEM licenses.
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Headquarters 8112 Otelfingen, Switzerland

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