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ION ENTERPRISES manufactures ScaleBuster® water conditioners. Over 300,000 units have been sold since 1990!

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ION Enterprises Limited has been trading since 1990, manufactures a range of environmental physical water treatment devices under the trademark of ScaleBuster®. Over the years this technology has been installed by many well-known global companies with excellent results. Our products have been applied into more than 300,000 applications to date. The company is also marketing EnviroTower (based on ScaleBuster technology) which is a unique cooling tower water treatment system which eliminates scale and corrosion as well as biological contamination, saving energy, water and chemicals. 

*How does it work?

ScaleBuster is a Physical Water Conditioning technology, based on Electro-Static principles. Once the ScaleBuster is installed into the system the calcium and magnesium are precipitated into suspension. These particles remain within the flow of the water. When these particles reach the hot parts of the system the tendency to adhere to the hot surfaces is dramatically reduced. Therefore the ScaleBuster protects the equipment from potential limestone damage. The ScaleBuster is conceived to make the particles formed non-adherent. After installation of the ScaleBuster, limestone is mainly present in the form of aragonite, which is a non-adherent crystalline structure contrary to the untreated calcite that can cause deterioration and damage in unprotected systems.

EnviroTower - cooling tower water treatment that really saves you money (and the environment). The patented EnviroTower - the Cooling Tower Water Treatment solution is designed around the ScaleBuster conditioner which precipitates the hardness (typically, Ca++ and Mg++ ions) in the cooling water, causing those ions to build clusters which grow larger as the water is recirculating through the ScaleBuster conditioner of the EnviroTower system, until they are removed from the water by the filtration or separation process. Scale-free chiller doesn’t waste energy as to lack of heat transfer (caused by the scale build up in the chiller tubes). Just as a reference, 3mm (1/8”) of scale causes the usage of 25% extra energy, resulting in higher head pressure (more wear-and-tear, shorten the life expectancy of the chiller) and also might cause down-time when least expected – in the middle of the summer… The EnviroTower system is monitoring the cooling system’s water conductivity and controls the blow-down (so the operator can cycle up, saving water, while keeping the system scale-free). It also doses biocide (Bromine – as solid tablets – is recommended) as required, shocking the open circuit of the cooling tower once daily, as well as optional other chemicals (as Tri-Toly-Azole, to protect the copper tubes of the chillers). All chemicals are dosed as required, usually once daily only. The blown-down water is considered clean water and may be used for irrigation or be disposed in the storm system (vs. sewage). In a period of 30 minutes after dosing any chemical – the EnviroTower system avoids any blow down (to eliminate drainage of the chemicals before they have actually performed in the water). The separator removes the precipitated hardness with some water (calculated as part of the blown down water). The EnviroTower controller is equipped with a light tower (green/amber/red) so the operator can simply and easily learn the status of the system. For more water conditioning, every make-up pipe is also equipped with a smaller ScaleBuster conditioner treating the water coming into the cooling tower. Typical ROI is less than 3 years, OpEx (Operation Expenditure) with EnviroTower is usually 10-15% less vs. traditional water treatment, as water saving is 10-15%, chemical savings is 90-97%, maintenance is 30-50% less and energy savings is 9-16% vs. traditional chemical treatment (or 15-35% less vs. no treatment). Also, there is a huge positive impact on Health & Safety (as chiller "punching" using mechanical brushes and acid to remove scale deposits is hardly necessary vs. every year or two with traditional water treatment).

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Headquarters Rowlands Hill, Wimborne BH21 1AN, UK

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