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Eziserv Ltd

Eziserv & its partners combine the marketing and technical expertise to develop solutions for In Store Dispensing Sytems

Eziserv and its partners combine the marketing and technical expertise to develop and deliver solutions for In Store Dispensing of product into retail refillable packs selected and operated by customers from un-manned dispensing machines, including consultancy services such as concept development, new packaging development, system interface layout, machine development and construction, customization of machine functionalities and layout. Eziserv and its partners have already developed and tested on the market the OnTap In Store Dispensing System, an innovative retail proposition pioneered with Shell Chemicals, Wal-Mart and Carrefour.

Company Eziserv Ltd

Refill Point

Offer Refill Point

Refill Point is technical solution that incentivises manufacturers & retailers to adopt the reuse circular behavior

Reuse of packaging eliminates the commercial and environmental costs of collecting mixed plastic waste, sorting, cleaning, processing and re-granulating. Recycling plastic frequently results in higher costs and prices than purchasing virgin polymers and the recycled polymer always results in a lower grade product Refill Point is a machine installed on shelves, takes little space compared to the detergent bottles lined-up over meters, and with its integrated interactive display, enables the consumer to select and refill a flexible reusable pouch. Using refill point will reduce the consumption of plastic by almost 100% if current single use/pre-fill formats are replaced. Refill Point is an automated process that uses sensors, pumps and actuators enabling an accurate, fast and secure preparation and filling of laundry care products. Sensors measure the accuracy of the mix, and the volume of liquid dispensed. The actuator and retail pack closure allow a clean and secure connection to open, fill and re-close the retail pack with no intervention of the consumer. Finally, Refill Point is a digital platform enabling retailers and manufacturers to better promote their products and manage the supply chain by collecting customer data in real-time, by displaying interactive marketing campaigns and monitoring supply/inventory.

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Industry, innovation and infrastructure, Responsible consumption and production

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Industrial processes, Freight transportation, Circular economy of solid wastes

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