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  • Affordable and clean energy

  • Sustainable cities and communities



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As a major stakeholder in the international energy industry, ENGIE is focused on its 3 core businesses of Electricity, Natural Gas and Energy Services to support and develop a new vision of energy for the world: sustainable energy available to everyone.

ENGIE is committed to responsible growth of its businesses (power, natural gas and energy services) in response to the central challenges of the energy transition towards a low-carbon economy: providing access to sustainably generated energy, combating climate change, reducing its effect and making responsible use of natural resources. The Group is developing high-performance, innovative solutions for personal customers, urban authorities and companies by applying its expertise in four key sectors: renewables, energy efficiency, liquefied natural gas and digital technologies.

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Labelled solutions

Mini-grids for affordable, reliable, sustainable energy-services for rural and off-grid populations

PowerCorner energy solution includes a containerised generation unit comprised of photovoltaic panels, a lithium-ion battery bank for storage and a back-up genset, providing electricity 24-hours a day.
Solution Label May 2018 Solution

Integrated chilled water production system for efficient cooling of buildings in cities

District Cooling Systems are positioned as an effective technology to mitigate the heat island effect exacerbated by conventional, stand-alone cooling systems.
Solution Label May 2018 Solution

Solar energy through a monthly subscription

Community Solar (CS) is a solar plant whose electricity is shared by multiple users thus democratizing access to affordable solar energy.
Solution Label March 2019 Solution

An automatic heating and lighting control energy solution for small building based on artificial intelligence and IoT.

Vertuoz Pilot, powered by Ubriant is an energy efficiency solution to consume energy only when it is necessary and preserve occupant comfort.
Solution Label November 2019 Solution