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Solar Air Bike ( Solar and Human Powered Airplane )

In 1988, more than a quarter of a century ago, a team of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT ) successfully achieved to let fly a Human Powered Aircraft from the island of Crete to the island of Santorini on a distance of 115 km. It was the MIT Daedalus project. A prodigious result of the project was the low weight of the aircraft: 32 kg for a wingspan of 30 meters. I propose today to take advantage of the breakthroughs of Solar Impulse in the field of inhabited solar flight to build a Solar and Human Powered Aircraft. The human pilot power will be electrically assisted by the photovoltaic energy in the day phase. In good sunshine conditions, the pilot will be able to rest. In other conditions and at night he will have to pedal to keep the aircraft in the air. A high level athlete with good stamina should be able to travel long distances such that a Round-The-World-Tour could be taken into consideration. The aircraft should have an equivalent weight to the one of Daedalus but it will have to be more robust, more manoeuvrable and more performant.

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