Europe 3.0: Modernise to Thrive

Case Study - February 21, 2024

As the EU is grappling with numerous challenges and stands on the eve of a leadership renewal, the Solar Impulse Foundation launched “Europe 3.0: Modernise to Thrive!”, a Manifesto calling for a paradigm shift to modernise Europe and harness the potential of the Green Deal. This fresh publication envisions a modern Europe founded on principles of efficiency and optimal resource utilisation, one that fosters unity and inclusivity among its people. It delineates actionable strategies necessary to realise this vision, serving as a bold rallying cry for concerted action.

Climate action, traditionally presented and perceived as a costly, sacrificial process, appears today as an unexpected rescuer amid the array of economic, political, and social challenges confronting the EU. The manifesto presents a vision and a method for Europe to become a pioneer continent of a new, qualitative economy based on efficiency It presents the upcoming EU leadership with actionable steps that can be undertaken, today, to usher Europe in a new era of environmental responsibility, economic opportunities, and societal cohesion. The Manifesto, counting with the contribution of more than 40 stakeholders, is grounded in the steadfast belief that an efficient and resolute implementation of the Green Deal can and will come with multiple collateral benefits, and can therefore embody a shared interest spanning political factions, business sectors, and societies at large.

Additional Details
Date February 21, 2024
Type Case Study
Authors Solar Impulse Foundation
Pages 38