News - August 13, 2020

The Solar Impulse Foundation and GoodMatch join forces for the ecological transition of cities and territories

Written by Tristan Lebleu 3 min read

New technologies, innovation and circular economy models have proven to be effective levers for ecological transition. We now need to accelerate their development and widespread use in order to move towards a sustainable society. It is with this shared conviction that the Solar Impulse Foundation and GoodMatch have decided to join forces.

Since May 2018, the Solar Impulse Foundation has developed the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Label, which selects solutions that are clean, efficient and profitable. Independent experts evaluate the solutions (technologies, services and processes) applying for the label according to three criteria: technological feasibility, socio-environmental impact and economic profitability. Today, more than 600 solutions hold the label, in the fields of water, renewable energies, industry, circular economy and sustainable cities.

By associating itself with GoodMatch, the Solar Impulse Foundation intends to support the ambitious objective that the company has set itself to imagine and implement innovative and profitable regional development projects and real estate programs. Indeed, thanks to its seriousness and perseverance, GoodMatch is now advising leading public players in charge of regional planning and development, and recognized private players in their response to the demands of public authorities.

The partnership between the two organizations aims to propose solutions labeled by the Solar Impulse Foundation in the regional development projects carried out by GoodMatch. 

The aim of this collaboration is above all to give rise to concrete achievements. To this end, the first projects have already been identified, such as the creation and construction of a new place of experience for children and families in Bordeaux, or the response to a call for tenders for a mixed real estate program in Lyon Confluence. For each of these projects, the Solar Impulse Foundation will propose solutions from its portfolio corresponding to the needs of these territories and their inhabitants, particularly in terms of reducing energy expenditure, improving thermal comfort, wastewater treatment, waste sorting and treatment, or the use of shared public spaces.

The partnership will also make it possible, if necessary, to test the labelled solutions on an experimental site: Les Grands Ateliers Innovation architecture. This place of training, learning and research is also intended to be a demonstrator for public and private companies to test new products and innovative spatial devices.

Finally, as part of this collaboration, experts and innovations from the GoodMatch community are invited to join the Solar Impulse Foundation, either as experts to evaluate projects, or as potential labelled solutions.

"The work carried out by the Solar Impulse Foundation over the last 3 years has enabled the identification of more than 600 cost-effective solutions to protect the environment. The partnership with GoodMatch will make it possible to accelerate their implementation in cities and regions in order to increase their impact tenfold"
Bertrand Piccard, President of the Solar Impulse Foundation. 
"We always admire the concrete commitment of Bertrand Piccard, the Solar Impulse Foundation and its teams in the search for solutions beneficial to our planet. For 10 years, we have been pursuing this same objective at our level, the territories, by trying to bring new and attractive benefits. From our common ambitions, we are going to develop a unique and useful force for all"
Frédéric Misiak, Founding Partner GoodMatch.

Written by Tristan Lebleu on August 13, 2020

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