News - November 23, 2017

The Royal Aeronautical Society rewards the Solar Impulse Team

Michele Piccard receives the Royal Aeronautical Society 2017 Team Gold Medal

The Royal Aeronautical Society's Medals and Awards recognise the innovation and excellence of both individuals and teams that are conferred for achievements and contributions in all disciplines of the global aerospace industry. In particular, the Team Gold Medal award recognizes the outstanding contributions to aerospace art, science, and engineering.

During the event, Michèle commented:

“I am very honoured to receive this award from the Royal Aeronautical Society on behalf of the Solar Impulse Team. By way of rewarding pioneering spirit and innovation as a contribution to aerospace, it also encourages efforts towards protecting the environment and improving the quality of life on Earth.

Aerospace and aviation have always paved the way for pioneers and innovation, and they will surely be at the forefront of implementing new clean and cutting edge technologies across the globe. Upon the final landing of Solar Impulse in Abu Dhabi, Bertrand said that: ‘within 10 years we will see electric airplanes transporting 50 passengers on short to medium haul flights.’ Today, things are already moving faster than he thought, and I know he looks forward to seeing the progress that is being made in this direction.

But completing the first ever round-the-world solar and electric flight, which we did in July 2016 without a single drop of fuel, was not only a first for aviation; it was a first for energy. The technologies developed for our revolutionary airplane, such as electrical motors with 97% efficiency, LED lamps for public/private lightening system, extremely efficient insulation foam that can reduce energy consumption for houses, high energy density batteries and ultra-thin solar cells, can already today be used on the ground to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable world.

By demonstrating that change is possible, Solar Impulse opened a new path for people, the planet and the industry. With this award, you give resonance to our message. Our adventure is first and foremost one that we share together. Thank you!”

The Solar Impulse Team is now taking it’s ambition one step further, to make what was possible in the air, possible on the ground. Just last week we launched the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, and with it the challenge of selecting #1000 solutions that we can protect the environment in a profitable way. Our ambition is to bring these solutions to decision-makers, in both governments and companies, to encourage them to adopt more ambitious environmental targets and energy policies.

Written by Solar Impulse Foundation on November 23, 2017

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