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The book that saves the planet and politicians time.

Written by Thomas Weeks 4 min read

The Solar Impulse Foundation is launching “Prêt à Voter” or ” vote-ready” initiative, an innovative and unifying approach to accelerate the ecological transition in France.

The success of the ecological transition no longer depends today on the continuous development of new technological solutions, but rather on the creation of conditions that make it possible to implement these solutions and to take advantage of all the benefits that accompany them.
With the “Prêt à Voter” or “Vote-ready” initiative, Bertrand Piccard and the Solar Impulse Foundation  adopt an original approach which consists in taking existing technologies as a starting point to guide legislation. The Foundation selected 50 solutions, mostly French and rooted in the territories, from its portfolio of 1,400 labeled solutions, and translated them into 50 recommendations intended for newly elected French MPs and senators, to modernize current regulations in France.
Implementation therefore requires the modernization of a legal framework, which is still too often archaic allowing major polluters to waste energy and natural resources, to produce as much waste, and to emit as much CO2.

“We have a wealth of innovative climate solutions that can also be profitable, so it makes sense to update our laws to help facilitate greater market adoption. The climate is changing, so must the laws! ”Bertrand Piccard

This innovative approach will be rolled out in a large-scale marketing campaign lasting until September, using the taglines “All we need is 577 readers for this book to be successful” and “With climate change, the laws must change.” The effort was made possible by major advertising players Publicis, JC Decaux, Mediatransports and Clear Channel, who supported the campaign with creative resources and by making available billboard space throughout France.

Efficient solutions, the basis of this approach

Like the 1400 solutions already labeled, the 50 solutions we offer have been validated by our network of experts as solutions that protect the environment and are profitable. They are the basis of this effort which aims to democratize systems that are more efficient than the norm, and which already exist today.
The 50 recommendations are the result of the combination of different expertise between innovators, experts and legal advisers. This campaign will target the priorities to be implemented among the following 9 themes: Water, Energy production, Storage, Construction & Housing, Planning & infrastructure, Agriculture & Food, Biodiversity, Circular economy, Industry.

A unifying approach

Since the creation of his Foundation, Bertrand Piccard has always had a unifying and pragmatic vision, which can be found in his book Réaliste, positioning himself above partisan affiliations and proposing solutions with the aim of reconciling ecology and economy.
The last French legislative elections generated a varied, heterogeneous and contrasting Assembly. While many topics will be debated, environmental protection needs action now. The “Prêt à Voter” is there to facilitate this task.
After the 1000 solutions, this initiative is a natural fit with the Foundation's mission and marks the next logical step in this journey, by showing that these solutions are at the service of political decision-makers, reconciling innovation and legislation. To save the planet time, let's save politicians time!

“My vision of the ecological transition is peaceful and unifying, but it is still a revolution to lead.”Bertrand Piccard, Réaliste
50 recommendations to modernise current French regulationslearn more

Written by Thomas Weeks on June 27, 2022

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