News - March 25, 2021

Latest news from our labelled solutions - March

Written by Eliott Carruthers 3 min read

Job creation, drought resilience and key funding secured by Labeled Solutions in the month of March. As we fast approach the milestone of 1000 Efficient Solutions our clean technologies continue to demonstrate their credibility and impact across the board.

Nestlé team up with MIWA Technologies as Innovation Partner

MIWA Technologies are working alongside Nestle to co-create a waste-free shopping experience piloting reusable and refillable dispensers for petcare and soluble coffee, as part of an effort to reduce single-use packaging.  MIWA’s smart, reusable packaging Solution offers an entire business ecosystem for smart-powered reusable packaging which enables distribution and sale while minimizing single-use packaging. Material used for packaging is reduced by up to 90% with MIWA’s Solution resulting in a 46% reduced carbon footprint compared to existing packaging practices.

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Pellenc ST implemented in Biocirculo facility

Pellenc ST continue to pioneer Columbia’s circular economy through their PET recovery recycling with the most recent installation of their automated waste-sorting machine at the Biocirculo facility in Bogota.

Mr. Moris Finvarb, the President of Biocirculo has praised the immediate impact, speed and accuracy of the solution since its roll-out: "Once the machine was installed, final product quality was highly improved and productivity of our PET line increased by 35%.”

This is the most recent example of Pellenc ST’s continued commercial deployment of their optimized recycling process.

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OSMOSUN installation presented on Cape Verde

The Minister of Agriculture and the Environment and the French Ambassador of Cape Verde have inaugurated the OSMOSUN desalination installation which provides water for agricultural irrigation on the island of Santiago. The 40m3 of water produced each day by the OSMOSUN Solution represents a milestone on the island as it allows the resumption of activities made impossible by the drought in the archipelago of the past several years.

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Neocarbons receive Tech Seed loan from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT)

The cleantech start-up has obtained a CHF 100’000 Tech Seed loan from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) to support its development. NeoCarbons unique micro-algae farming technology removes and recycles excess CO2 from the atmosphere into products for the food and chemical industry. 2021 will be devoted to the validation of semi-industrial equipment, the setting up of R&D structures and the commercial development of the start-up. The CHF 100'000 loan awarded by FIT will be invested in test equipment and internal job creation.

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Pyrowave cited as Globe Climate Changemaker

The Québécois portable plastic waste recycling Solution has been cited in The Globe and Mail’s Climate Changemakers as a force for change in Canada and a key player in closing the circular economy of plastic in the country. Pyrowave is a small portable module that can decompose plastic waste using microwave energy and regenerate root chemicals used to make new plastics and products. This circular Solution allows for endless recycling of plastics and avoids the GHGs associated with the extraction of virgin material.

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SEaB Energy to present at Cleantech Venture Day

The Labeled Solution will be one of five Circular Economy ‘cleantech disruptors’ to pitch to leading investors at this year’s Cleantech Venture Day. The automated solution transforms organic waste into energy-rich biogas on-site which can be used for renewable heat and electricity – the result is 400t of carbon offset per 1000t of waste processed.

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Written by Eliott Carruthers on March 25, 2021

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