News - March 31, 2023

March's Efficient Solution Stories: Agrivoltaic Projects in France & more

Written by Sophie de Blonay 4 min read

Clean technologies continue to make strides in various industries. In recent news, companies such as Eccocar, Vuf Bikes, SunAgri, CompPair, Flower Turbines, and Miwa Technologies have been making headlines for their innovative approaches to sustainable transportation, energy and packaging. From electric vehicle platforms and wind turbines technology to zero-waste packaging solutions, these companies are making significant contributions to the ongoing effort to promote a more sustainable future.

French start-up SunAgri partners with Iberdrola to develop agrivoltaic projects in France

SunAgri, a French start-up specializing in agrivoltaics, has partnered with Iberdrola, a Spanish renewable energy company, to develop agrivoltaic projects in France. The companies will work together to install solar panels over crop fields, increasing crop yields and reducing water usage. Agrivoltaics can also contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by generating renewable energy and sequestering carbon in the soil. The partnership aims to promote sustainable agriculture and the transition to renewable energy, as well as to demonstrate the potential of agrivoltaics to combat climate change. The project is part of a larger trend towards the integration of renewable energy into agriculture and the development of innovative solutions for sustainable food production.

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CompPair's technology reaches new markets, including the marine and wind energy sectors

After the successful implementation of HealTechTM, CompPair recognized the potential of its infusion technology and decided to collaborate with experts in composites and polymers to develop a new system. The system maintains the company's unique selling point and allows for the repair of composite structures made by infusion in a few minutes while maintaining structure and mechanical properties. The company plans to introduce the new infusion range to new markets, including marine and wind energy sectors, and expand its reach beyond sports and space sectors. Typical wind turbine blade damage, caused by environmental factors and fatigue, leads to downtime and high maintenance costs. This project aimed to showcase the value of CompPair's smart system in the wind energy industry by producing a large-scale manufacturing demonstrator.

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Eccocar secures lead investor in latest funding round to accelerate growth

Amadeus, a major player in the travel technology industry, has announced its investment in Eccocar, a Spanish start-up that offers an innovative platform for managing and renting electric vehicles. Eccocar's platform enables businesses to easily rent and manage electric vehicles, reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to sustainable mobility. Amadeus' investment is in line with its commitment to promoting sustainable travel and providing customers with a wider range of travel options. Eccocar's platform is already being used by leading car rental companies and car-sharing services in several European countries. The investment is part of Amadeus Ventures, a program that invests in start-ups that have the potential to transform the travel industry.

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Vuf Bikes closes a €1.7 million funding round

VUF Bikes, a French startup that offers cargo bikes for last-mile deliveries, has raised €1.7 million in a funding round led by Levee. The company's innovative solution addresses the urgent need to decarbonize the logistics sector, which is responsible for a significant amount of carbon emissions. The hypergrowth startup distinguished itself by the quality of its product and collaborates with renowned clients such as La Poste and Amazon. By replacing polluting delivery vehicles with cargo bikes, VUF Bikes not only reduces emissions but also eases urban congestion and enhances the quality of life in cities. This funding will help VUF Bikes expand its services in France and beyond, contributing to the global effort to combat climate change through sustainable transportation.

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Miwa Technologies selected by the European Innovation Council (EIC) in the EIC Accelerator programme

Miwa Technologies has developed a system that enables customers in supermarkets to shop in reusable containers, while smart B2B capsules, working with electronic dispensers, unlock the entire supply chain. The data flows endure effective management of the packaging pool and efficient system operations, such as stock management. This solution is already implemented in several stores in the UK, Netherlands, Czechia, and Portugal, minimizing packaging waste. To finance commercial expansion and shift to serial production, Miwa will open a €7 million investment round to private investors in the coming weeks, with nearly 40 percent of the funding already confirmed by the EIC Fund.

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Flower Turbines secured $800k in eight days via a crowdfunding campaign 

Flower Turbines, a US-based clean energy company, has raised $800,000 in just eight days via a crowdfunding campaign. The company aims to revolutionize the wind turbine industry with its innovative vertical-axis turbines, which are smaller and more efficient than traditional turbines. The turbines can be installed in urban and residential areas, providing clean energy for communities and reducing their reliance on fossil fuels. The company's technology has the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions, making it a promising solution in the fight against climate change. With this successful crowdfunding campaign, Flower Turbines is poised to further develop and expand its impact on sustainable energy production.

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