News - April 24, 2018

1000 solutions - Help us make sure they are the right ones

1000 solutions

Written by Tristan Lebleu

Obviously, to select a thousand, you need quite a lot more than that to choose from, so you have a whole lot of leg work in simply reaching out and finding them. And then you must identify which should be awarded the Efficient Solutions label, which serves to show to the world that solutions exist that make sense from both an environmental and economic perspective.

Which is meaningless if there isn’t any substance to your selection - otherwise we’d pick the first thousand we came across and go home early for the day.

“I’m fully convinced that the energy transition is coming, and we have to help in reaching these goals,”

Like all our experts, Javier is asked to go through the submissions sent in by innovators, and then score them on three main criteria; their technological feasibility, environmental and socio-economic benefits, and potential or realized profitability.

You have to have a huge number of ideas, and very few of them will be something premium [but] for me, the key point is the team, how they express their idea...discovering the right people to bring them into reality is marvelous and important.

[This platform is] creating a channel of communication and the people that can bring these ideas into market, and for me that has high value. It’s a way of reaching people that would not otherwise have approached me,” Javier tells us.

As such, the experience has been a good one for Javier, who has benefited from seeing ideas and propositions that he would not otherwise be exposed to. For subject matter experts like him, “It’s difficult [to] discover new ideas, because if you’re working in your day to day, you see continuous improvement, so it can be difficult to capture disruptive ideas. So this is helping to close this gap.

Calling for more experts

You can help us to select the 1000 Efficient Solutions that can protect the environment in a profitable way. Our intention is not to replace a full and proper due diligence - that can only be done knowing more about the context - but to serve as an indicator for proven or promising solutions.

Javier is continuing to work with us in this endeavour, and we are grateful to him and his peers for their support. This is his opportunity to contribute to the next stage of the  pioneering Solar Impulse adventure, but also a means to stay connected to the developments in his field, what technologies and ideas are being proposed, and to share his expertise in a new way. 


Written by Tristan Lebleu on April 24, 2018

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