News - October 14, 2020

+100 Experts at our Autumn Experts Webinar

Written by Ricardo Flores 3 min read

Everyday, for different reasons, we are constantly reminded of one of the most essential characteristics of nature: the ever-present necessity of adaptation. Since the COVID-19 pandemic breakout, it seems that such need has been intensified in many ways, one of them being social interaction. 

Between mobility constraints and social distancing measures, we have had to explore virtual platforms to communicate with each other, both at the personal and professional level. In this context, big conferences, seminars and workshops have been canceled or postponed, which was the case of our Expert Assessment Challenges.

This summer, when we knew that hosting a physical event in 2020 would not be possible, we realised that we needed an adaptational measure. This is when the idea of organising the Autumn Experts Webinar came to us. At first, to be fully honest, there was some resistance. After all, most of you have already had your share of online meetings this year and the last thing we wanted was to make you go through one more. After a lot of reflection, we decided to send out the invitation and, to our surprise, we received almost a hundred registrations within the first week.

The goal of such a meeting was to communicate, even if for only one hour, our latest activities and everything we have been doing since the last time we met at the Expert Challenge at ChangeNOW in Paris. We also wanted to properly welcome the 78 new Experts who had joined the Community throughout this summer. In order to make it more interesting, we included presentations from our Technical Specialists, the Partners & Corporates Team and also from our Public Affairs Team.

The Webinar took place yesterday on October 14th with almost 120 Solar Impulse Foundation Experts attending, who actively participated throughout the meeting, asking questions and giving their opinions on our latest activities. Unfortunately, given the short time we had, we were not able to address all questions. In any case, it was a great opportunity to show the Experts how fruitful our relationship has been. Thanks to them, we have been able to keep labelling Solutions and move faster towards our goals, even under the current circumstances.

For all the attendees and those who could not make it yesterday, we would like to express our deep appreciation for your engagement. We cannot thank you enough! For being part of this community. For having supported us this far. For being such wonderful experts and people. Hopefully, the current situation will improve and we will meet very soon.

Written by Ricardo Flores on October 14, 2020

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