Sustainable Ocean Alliance

Sustainable Ocean Alliance is a global community of youth, entrepreneurs, and experts, all collaborating to solve the greatest challenges facing our ocean.

Founded in 2014, SOA has mobilized the world’s largest network of youth leaders and entrepreneurs, propelling cutting-edge ocean tech startups, nonprofit organizations,  and grassroots initiatives dedicated to solving the greatest threats facing our ocean. SOA has two core programs: the world's first accelerator dedicated to propelling ocean technology startups, the Ocean Solutions Accelerator, and the Ocean Leadership Program, a global network of 5,500+ young ocean leaders focused on direct local action to restore the ocean. To date, SOA has cultivated 5,500+ leaders in 165 countries, accelerated 45 ocean tech startups, awarded 175+ Microgrants in 65 countries, and has cultivated a network of 180 Mentors in 23 countries.

By Sustainable Ocean Alliance